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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DanA, May 5, 2021.

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    Hill has good length at 6-3 with 33.5" arms. He is not in the freakish category with the 34" plus arm length guys, but he is not in the category that coaches consider short armed.

    If all DL were categorized at short vs long armed, 33" and above would be in the long arm category with below 33" being in the short category.
    - In reality some talent evaluator probably have 3 categories:'
    Freakishly Long

    It was players like A.Woods (6-0, 31" arm length) that Dan Quinn wanted to replace due to lack of length.

    Height vs Arm Length
    - It seems that many coaches perfect measurements would be about 6-3 with 34" or longer arms.
    - They often end up with taller players because most long-armed players are tall.
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    Best based on what? I'd love to see your answer
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    Asking Lawrence to 2-gap at 5T is different to lining up at 5T and stunting or shooting a gap.

    And I think we are in agreement on Gallimore with him not being used on run downs. It wasn’t about the scheme, it was when we use it.
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    I don’t have an opinion about him but Basham was rated as the worst FA signing for this offseason in the entire league. I think Armstrong has topped out and he is what he is at this point.
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    The 3-4 typically having a big guy in the middle would indicate that this defense won't be in a 3-4 that much, only one DT over 310 lbs, how much do you want to count on a rookie to plug the middle, and be able to play a lot of snaps? Or ask one of our 305-310 guys play nose? Now they do have like 5 DEs 260 lbs or over, that's good because 3-4 ends have to defend the run a lot.

    Really I think we'll see the team come out in a 3-4 quite a bit, but as soon as the offense starts to come to the line the defense will shift out of the 3-4, maybe lining up initially with Basham or Gholston as an OLB but then having him move up to the line, with one of the DE's moving over to make a 4-3 before the snap. For example.

    But I'm no expert (please let me contribute as such with all of the experts on this site ;)), maybe they will give our big guy a starring role 50 snaps a game. Just throwing in my 2 cents worth....
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    I think that a guy like Gallimore will be involved in the rotation at the nose. He has experience, having playing the position before, and one point played at 330 lbs. I think the rookie would get the likely run downs and Gallimore would play in the pass rushing lineups.

    I'm not sure we would see that on such a regular basis. Otherwise, there's not much point to it.

    I think Bohanna will get every opportunity at the nose tackle position, having specialized in that role in college.
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    And it's not always a 325-plus player that's effective at the nose position, seem to recall we had somebody named Ratliff who was fairly effective at nose at "only" 303 lbs...
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    Right. A lot depends on exactly what the scheme requires of the player.
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    Always uncertainties as to who'll play, where they will play and how much they will play. This year is no exception.

    Defensively more so than offensively, assuming Smith and Collins are good to go on the o-line, and nobody else gets hurt, there's not much uncertainty on the offense.

    Smith, Williams, Biadasz, Martin, Collins, Dak, Zeke, Cooper, Gallup, Lamb and Jarwin/Schultz (depending on the formation) will be the offense. Just really will they use a fullback often enough to consider that a starting position, and will it be a "regular" fullback or perhaps a tight end?

    And as always they'll be posters who complain their guy should be getting more snaps, that'll never change...
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    Lol what? By who?

    Basham is an excellent signing.
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    Detailed write up, thanks

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