Dak is the best qb in the NFL right now

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DandyDon52, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Something I have not seen talked about.
    78.1 and 86.7 pass completion % in 1st 2 games avg is 82.4%

    This is highest in NFL I think.
    I checked a few like rodgers and brees ryan, and brady.
    Tom had a 71 % in miami game.
    Most avg in 60's or lower.
    82% Pass completion ? is very unusual.
    7 td's 1 int
    QBR IS 140.9 AVG for 2 games.

    People have said he cant carry the team, but he has for the last 2
    games, due to kellen and better group of receivers.
    here are the only others that come close.
    Lamar Jackson 85.0 and 158.3 vs Miami-- 64.9 104.8 vs Arizona 7td avg 74.9 % 131.55 qbr
    I left these out lol

    Mahomes II 68.2 131.2 vs raiders-- 75.8 143.2 vs Jags - 72% 137.2 qbr 7td

    Brady 71.4 124.7 vs Miami-- 66.7 124.9 vs Steelers - 69.05 % 124.8 qbr 5td's

    Just a side note,

    8 teams at 0-2 Miami needs to out lose the other 7 teams
    9 are 2-0 5 in NFC Dallas should go 3-0 then maybe 4-0 will they be the last unbeaten team? only 4 others
    besides Dallas in NFC. 3 are in the west Div, sea SF and rams, so they have to play each other so they
    will have to lose soon.

    About Miami I read a little on it, and they have very good reason to tank and finish last,
    They traded away 2 of their best players for # 1 picks, they now have 3, and 2 in rd 2 , and 2 in rd 3.
    It would be stupid to then go 8-8 and have middle of round picks, so best thing is to finish last
    and then it is up to how wisely they use those picks.
    The other thing is how to you get players to tank , or play badly?? some wont want to, it would be bad for their resume, and some wont like the idea. So it isnt easy to finish dead last.

    Mahomes II 68.2 131.2 vs raiders-- 75.8 143.2 vs Jags - avg 72% 137.2 qbr 7td

    Brady 71.4 124.7 vs Miami-- 66.7 124.9 vs Steelers - avg 69.05 % 124.8 qbr 5td's
    (Rodgers doesnt even come close.)

    So seems to me Dak is the best QB in NFL right now 2 games in to this season.
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  2. The Quest for Six

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    The combined record of the two dreadful teams Dallas played is 0-4 and play another 0-2 team on Sunday, can we just tap the brakes
  3. Proof

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    Mahomes has like 300 yds and 4 tds in a single quarter
  4. CATCH17

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    He's playing at a high level but it's the Mahommes show right now.

    It's clear though that Dak is in the early MVP conversation.
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  5. SoupcanSam

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    Inb4 someone says...."pump the brakes, it's only two games".
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  6. Nav22

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    They’d be 2-2 combined if they, you know, had beaten Dallas.
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  7. Direwolf63

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    Patrick Mahomes can crawl out of bed and throw for 350 yards and 3 TD's.

    Dak's had a good start to the season, no doubt. But let's not get carried away.
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  8. JD_KaPow

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  9. Boyzmamacita

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    I wonder what are the records of those other QBs" opponents. I'm too lazy to look it up.
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  10. Tenkamenin

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    No surprise,

    - Another year of experience
    - New throwing motion
    - A lot of talent at the WR position
    - Strong pass blocking

    It's easy to see why he's playing well. :)
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  11. JD_KaPow

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    Too slow.
  12. CATCH17

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    I don't think it matters.

    Dak is making some reads and throws that we haven't seen in the past and on top of that we have a playcaller that actually knows how to scheme players open and puzzle the defense.

    Dak's clearly gotten better and the offensive play designs have as well. Our opponents don't really matter.
  13. viman96

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    Seattle, Baltimore, Buffalo, and New England are all 2-0 and have only played winless teams. Many consider Seattle and New England legit. Baltimore is getting plenty of hype though some are saying the same things about their opponents like Dallas. Have not heard much about Buffalo.
  14. Denim Chicken

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  15. Praxit

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    ..Mahomes will be fun to watch in the coming years. Dude, is crazy gifted.
  16. The Quest for Six

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    Make no mistake about it, there's no doubt Dak has taken great strides thus far this year, he's more composed in the pocket, the ball is getting out of his hands quicker, he's not throwing off his back foot as much, his footwork is far better and his throwing motion which I always didn't like is drastically better this year and I like what I've seen from the playcalling and all the motion and spreading out the offense but to make Dak now an elite QB after two games against garbage teams is a bit much....I want t see what he does against teams like Green Bay or a New Orleans, although it's clear Brees won't be available....I want to see Dak against a very good defense that can get some constant pressure to see if he reverts back to his past throws, setups and footwork....but I like what Dak and this offense is doing after two games..
  17. DUO_CORE

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    "Put away the anointing oil."
  18. CATCH17

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    Yeah I wouldn't say he's elite by any means but right now he is headed in that direction.

    I didn't think i'd be saying that because i've been a Dak critic but Kellen Moore alone has defenses bamboozled and on top of that Dak has improved dramatically.

    18 straight completions on the road? He's upped it up a gear.
  19. Fletch

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    I’ve been sold on Dak since day 1. But two games against two bad teams does not make a season worth ranking him amongst those who have consistently proven themselves, or who’ve HELPED win multiple playoff games and/or Super Bowls.

    I’m all in with Dak. But let’s let the season play out and see what happens. Hopefully we remain relatively healthy throughout!
  20. CT Dal Fan

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    If Dak hadn't played at this level would the Giants and Redskins be 0-2?

    And what awesome secondaries have Jackson and Mahomes faced? Dolphins, Raiders, etc..

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