Twitter: Dak leaving Adidas; signing with the Jordan Brand

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jun 9, 2021.

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    I bet my work boots are more comfortable...
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    True story that is only kind of related...

    I haven't worn Nike since I managed a Footaction back in the 80's. I had a pair of high tops back then. There was a rookie basketball player Nike signed that year. Some kid named Jordan. Footaction gave me a credit to buy a pair, but I didn't really like them. So, I never wore them and just kept them in the box for about 10-15 years. I was also one of the few stores that had a hand-signed Jordan and red. Those were for display in the store, not for sale. We were supposed to throw them out when the displays changed, but they let me keep the ball. I kept it with the shoes, too. Stuffed in a closet. I'm not a basketball fan.

    Before any one asks, I let them go in a garage sale in the late 90's because I had no idea they would eventually be worth car money. Now I sell on eBay for a living and wish I had a do over on that pair of shoes and basketball.
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    There is some symmetry with this deal. The overpriced QB signs with the hallmark overpriced brand.

    Sorry. But they teed this one up for me!
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    It is so great how the players now can sign mega contracts and mega endorsement deals without ever having won jack squat.
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    Another opportunity that he would not get if he wasn’t a cowboy in all likelihood....a Jordan brand sponsor? Yes. Highest paid? No chance.
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    wow, Dak getting paid this off season..., I must have been too busy and missed the SB parade in Dallas, and with Jordan calling i take it he won MVP as well.
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    The face of the Dallas Cowboys will now be repping the apparel of a different company.

    Dak Prescott has left Adidas — the apparel company he partnered with since his rookie season — and signed a five-year deal with the Jordan Brand to become the company's only quarterback, a person with knowledge of the deal told USA TODAY Sports. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to announce the deal publicly.

    The Jordan Brand is the apparel giant offshoot of Nike that is inspired by NBA legend Michael Jordan, and all Jordan Brand gear displays the "Jumpman" silhouette logo that Jordan made famous.

    Prescott, 27, signed a four-year, $160 million contract with the Cowboys in March that includes up to $126 million guaranteed and a no-trade clause and prevents him from ever receiving the franchise tag again.


    Dolla bill......dolla dolla bill, yo.
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    Apparently it's a requirement for every athlete to win an MVP and championship before signing an endorsement deal according to the Cowboys Zone brain trust. One of the many brilliant, fair, and well-thought out takes you'll find here at Cowboys Zone, friendly reader!

    Half of y'all want Dak to turn down money apparently. "No, sorry Mr. Jordan, I can't accept this endorsement deal. I haven't won 6 rings yet and even though I've spent my life perusing perfection and have overcome countless obstacles most can't even grasp to become a pro-bowl quarterback of high character the fine fans over at CZ have set the bar for me and I can't let them down. Please keep your money, or better yet, please convert it into likes and share with the entire group."
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    Yet, you never complained when Romo was the highest paid...TWICE...did ya???
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    They simply hate Dak...for whatever dumb reason. Envy.
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    The Jordan 6 Ring Sneakerboot is probably the most comfortable boot I have ever worn.
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    Thanks for raising your hand. Ignore list doesn't make itself.
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    I just spat my coffee when I scrolled down and seen this. This is classic Asthma, one of the best trolls I’ve seen!
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    You just won the "laugh of the day."
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    Adidas dropped Dak because he wouldn't agree to its motto:

    Super Bowls


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