Video: Dak Pregame Huddle

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 14, 2021.

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    I get you. Ya know what I hate :D.....people that fall over themselves being "objective" if it makes them some superior superfan, more in-the-know than the other pathetic cheerleaders.

    Now...that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with assessing players and team. If Dak throws a bad pass or has a bad's fans' birthright to lament it. And we shouldn't make the mistake assuming they are a miserable POS if they do.

    But that is EXACTLY what we do here...and I hate that too.
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  2. Ranching

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    I don't hate the haters, I just really, really dislike them.
  3. Swagger

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    Talk is cheap and people have heard all the cliché words before. Lead by example and consistently play lights out. That would impress me rather than someone randomly shouting like a manchild.
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  4. CT Dal Fan

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    To be honest, Dak. Something tells me Zeke will need knee surgery after the season.
  5. GINeric

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    Let me know when defense can get first downs, pass and run the ball and kick fgs and extra points. Last I checked, it was the offense that handles those offensive duties and its defense that handles the defensive duties.
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  6. Captain-Crash

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    [​IMG] go dak
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  8. NotForLong

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    A 40 million dollar Rowdy
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  9. NotForLong

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    No he was explaining that all he got to give away are Jordans . . . Not New Balance
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    It seems we were watching different games. Even he said he needs to play better. I think you're blinded by the fact we won. I like Dak but we lose to any good team if he plays that way.

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