Dak Prescott can win a Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yobwocs, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. Hadenough

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    This is so true! But what makes it funny is if you ask these Dak lovers if they thought Cousins could win a SB they would laugh at you.

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    He can beat the Giants and D.C.that has to be worth a top 5 QB contract!
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  3. Hadenough

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    Im not sure he is gonna beat the WFT anymore because they have really stepped up their defense. If they find a good QB they will own the division. Remember when Dak played Carolina to open the season and they had all summer to prepare for that game. That Rivera defense confused Dak so bad he looked awful and the Cowboys scored 8 points. The division is getting better and Daks not going to get those easy wins he was getting before.
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  4. Hadenough

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    You do realize that all those QBs have more playoff wins than Dak. using the SB run that Jimmy G had was just part of evaluating him vs Dak. But since you dont like that comparison how about when Dak couldnt manage one TD against the Saints and Jimmy G hung 49 points on that same Saints team. Cant use the defense as an excuse because the Dallas defense held that Saints team to less points than the 49ers defense.
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    You didn't answer the question but instead brought up Dak..... who I didn't even mention.

    You going to answer the question or not
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  6. Diehardblues

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    Of course . Cousins isn’t a Cowboy. Lol

    It amazes me how some fans don’t expect Cowboy fans on a Cowboy fan forum to be over zealous of their favorite players.
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    Frankly I think Cousin is capable, hell we have seen Brad Johnson win a SB. A lot has to do with the entire team. People act as if SB is a one man venture but it is a team accomplishment. As for the contract situation with Dak as one reporter said contracts in the NFL are like toilet paper all this crap of oh he will destroy the cap is BS. These contract have outs in them, team restructure contracts none are etched in stone. Dak like any player hits FA once maybe twice if they are lucky and he like any player has to strike while the iron is hot. What I find interesting is the people hollering the loudest did not want him as QB to begin with, this has nothing to do with a contract some are pouting because he took over for Romo and Tony never returned they threw fit then and are still throwing it today. Dak is the QB of the Dallas Cowboys people can accept it or they can go off and pout about it.
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  8. Flamma

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    I was wondering if I was the only one to notice that. Didn't it look like he took off right away on several of those 3rd downs? Took the snap and bailed out quick. I'll chalk it up to inexperience. He'll learn. Today's QB is not used to much pressure. They rack up statistics playing one average defense after another. On the rare occasion they run into something they rarely see, their like a deer in the headlights. Or in Patrick's case, a man with fire ants in his pants.
  9. Diehardblues

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    Who knows if Dak will ever win a Super Bowl.

    Honestly I don’t believe the Cowboys under Jethro's foolishness will ever win another championship. Has nothing to do with Dak. I don’t think our dysfunctional organization could win with Brady or Mahomes.

    But if we were to go somewhere where fans might believe in it , I’d begin in a Cowboys fan forum especially in a thread about Dak winning a SB. The rest is just trolling those fans who believe .
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  10. Bullflop

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    Whether Dak deserves a SB appearance or not, the Dallas FO can't manage a football team worth two cents! No soup for them! :thumbdown:
  11. DakPresgoat

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    lol just stop dude. You’re now twisting the argument.

    this post was about people only using wins as a means to evaluate how good a QB is.

    not about QB pay scales.

    Dak is also a far better QB than all of them except Marino of course.

    Either way. You are now twisting the argument. So, you’re either purposefully twisting the narrative or you’re obtuse. Which one is it?

    Dan Marino is a far far far far better QB than all the QB’s I listed. Yet all those other QB’s have Super Bowl titles and Dan Marino doesn’t.

  12. DakPresgoat

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    He won’t because it points out how dumb his narrative is.

    This is the same dude that when the team was 13-3 and 10-6 and making the divisional round he would be like “well Dak doesn’t throw for that many yards or stats”

    now that the situation is reversed and Dak has the stats but the TEAM is losing. He will be like “who cares about stats the team is losing”

    it’s dishonest bullcrap behavior to suit his poor narrative.
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  13. Doomsday101

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    I disagree, Cowboys have been able to put up some very good seasons and yes failed in post season but blaming Jerry because a 13-3 team failed? how so? the talent was there to win but the team failed. I don't agree with Jerry on everything and yes would like to see him back away a bit more but I also think Jerry is the scape goat for all things and I have always said that burden he put on himself as GM. I think he hired a good man in McClay a guy that many who cover the Cowboys consider the 2nd most power man in the organization and a man who has a lot of pull with Jones. So yes I think this team is still capable of winning and I think there are football people in the organization who have a say.

    As for Dak winning a SB yes I think he can, will he? I don't know. I watched Dan Marino from his rookie season through out his career and would have bet anything he would have won a SB before his career ended so you just don't know.
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  14. LittleD

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    Bottom line: We paid Zeke, mistake. We paid Jaylon, mistake, We paid Lawrence, mistake. Guy's we signed in the spring with the exception of Aldon, mistake. Paying Dak will be a mistake that
    will last for years. Jerry and Stephen don't know football or football players.
  15. Diehardblues

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    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but besides some talent in key positions which presents a perception of a very talented team we’ve been near the bottom defensively. It appears Jethro believes it was our Triplets that won those championships.

    And the coaching with the dysfunctional culture in place with our ownership handicaps and hinders it’s leadership.

    The Cowboys as a result are more of a bottom feeder football franchise this era despite a few stars, their popularity and financial success.
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  16. Jake

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    Dak isn't going to win a Super Bowl as long as Jerry & Stephen keep playing fantasy football. At least he won't win one in Dallas.
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  17. Doomsday101

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    I will start off by quoting you "You’re certainly entitled to your opinion" My stance is much like many who cover the NFL and know this team is capable and has a lot of key talent that gives them a chance. Defense yes needs to add some talent but I don't think this team is as far off as others may feel, I know I am not alone is that view.
  18. Diehardblues

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    Your opinion appears to be driven more by your passion for the Cowboys wanting to believe without any results to support which is fine and expected in a fan forum .

    But without critical thinking it’s difficult for me to conduct serious discussion. This isn’t even a proven playoff team much less a SB contender. Whether we believe it’s close or not until they prove they are consistently it’s nothing more than speculative optimism which is fine but not a discussion I’m interested in .
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  19. quickccc

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    How long have we've been singing same ole song on the Defense ? Wade Phillips here ..Rob Ryan there.. ..Marinelli here ..Kris Richard there ..and latest.enter history of utter disaster with Mike Nolan ..
    Now its' in the hands of Dan Quinn . We desperately need stability in the coaching staff trend. We don't have a blue print. We seemed to be just experimenting with these
    revolving door coaches.

    And we don't have a management that is firmly committed to building a true defense.
    They want to depend solely on the NFL draft while we continue to bargain binge in Free Agency with the likes of Nolan Carroll, Darryl Worley, etc, , .
  20. Doomsday101

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    Yes I am a fan, but when I see the level of talent on offense that this team has then yes I will be optimistic. When this franchise did not have that talent prior to Romo I did not view them as a contending team so while I am a fan I also will look at a situation in a non biased way. I also agree they have to go out and prove it on the field and while they have put together some promising seasons they have failed to back it up the following season. I have no issue with critical thinking but do not buy into the hopelessness crowd that claims this team is incapable of winning.

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