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Dak's 444 yards and 3TDs gave NE pause

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GMO415, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. GMO415

    GMO415 Well-Known Member

    9,495 Messages
    15,967 Likes Received
    Dak just blew up NE's game plan. Bill was going to follow the blueprints of four other opponents, who chose to shutdown 21. They won by letting Dak and the remaining team implode.

    But with some monster games under his belt, Dak doesn't seem like an obvious choice anymore.
  2. SoBlue128

    SoBlue128 Well-Known Member

    1,207 Messages
    1,727 Likes Received

    BB will study and find his weaknesses and do everything to exploit the hell out of it
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  3. vig454

    vig454 Active Member

    102 Messages
    117 Likes Received
    Hey, but we have Garrett , so we should be ok.
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  4. SoBlue128

    SoBlue128 Well-Known Member

    1,207 Messages
    1,727 Likes Received
    On the bright side the Pats don’t look like the methodical well oiled machine like in years past. Still a damn good team but they have their warts.
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  5. yimyammer

    yimyammer Well-Known Member

    9,357 Messages
    6,570 Likes Received
    The impending reality surely has him contemplating retirement
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  6. Tabascocat

    Tabascocat Dexternjack Zone Supporter

    19,927 Messages
    22,467 Likes Received
    Even though New Englands strength is their defense, I expect them to slowly and methodically attack our middle defense to keep our strength(offense) off the field.

    This is where coaching will be key, can our coaches counteract that gameplan? The clock does strike 12 twice a day :muttley:

    Dallas will have to come out completely different on both sides to make this a game.
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  7. America's Cowboy

    America's Cowboy Well-Known Member

    10,883 Messages
    16,010 Likes Received
    The Cheatriots are not all that.

    The bigger issue is our Defense. If our D shows up, Cowboys are going to roll all over them.
  8. sideon

    sideon Well-Known Member

    1,760 Messages
    1,793 Likes Received
    People really think Belicheat is shook over Dak having a great game against a bad team using a backup QB is hilarious. It wouldn't shock me if the Cowboys won next week, because these are the kind of games Garrett wins to keep his job. This team's defense is absolutely atrocious and Brady will pick them apart.
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  9. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Moderator

    79,792 Messages
    53,992 Likes Received
    I'm very anxious to see BB's approach. And just as important, what Garrett will to adjust.
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  10. Wizarus

    Wizarus Well-Known Member

    735 Messages
    634 Likes Received
    Lol NE is a well coached football team. A quick 14-0, and the game might as well be over, Belicheck isn't allowing comebacks.
  11. pansophy

    pansophy Well-Known Member

    2,405 Messages
    2,436 Likes Received
    We will see a lot of zone
  12. jwooten15

    jwooten15 Well-Known Member

    7,041 Messages
    16,459 Likes Received
    Our defense is going to need to step up if we stand a prayer.

    Dak can do a lot, but it won’t matter if the defense can’t stop anymore
  13. 3rd_n_inches

    3rd_n_inches Well-Known Member

    2,179 Messages
    2,102 Likes Received
    Maybe Bennett can give us some insight
  14. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard Zone Supporter

    20,507 Messages
    17,209 Likes Received
    #1 offense vs #1 defense. It should be a good one. The Cowboys want this one badly.
  15. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

    36,977 Messages
    6,721 Likes Received
    Missed the boat on this one. Bill Belichick doesn't follow blueprints, he writes them. If you don't think he's going to have a game plan, you are absolutely out of your mind.
    Qcard, JBond, pjtoadie and 11 others like this.
  16. TheSkaven

    TheSkaven Last Man Standing Zone Supporter

    6,561 Messages
    4,727 Likes Received
    Zeke had another sub 3-yard per carry day and, once again, they weren’t stacking the box. I can’t tell you that definitively until I see the All-22 but that’s certainly what it looked like.

    Therefore, I suspect that Belichick will play his standard bear defense and take away Cooper. On offense, they’ll run, run and run some more. Cowboys still haven’t proven that they can stop the run.

    p.s. the Patriots have won 20 straight games at home.
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  17. Turkish-Cowboy

    Turkish-Cowboy Well-Known Member

    1,729 Messages
    1,959 Likes Received
    As if it won't take 3 and a half quarters for our coaches to figure out NE's game plan on screens and short passes..

    The coaches, not the defense, are a big burden on Dak's shoulders and the offense.
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  18. rnr_honeybadger

    rnr_honeybadger Well-Known Member

    3,923 Messages
    4,981 Likes Received
    The few really good teams we have met this year have shut us down. I expect this to be no different. Until the culture at Dallas changes it isn’t going to get better.
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  19. Toruk_Makto

    Toruk_Makto Well-Known Member

    13,983 Messages
    17,128 Likes Received
    The vikings didn't stack the box.

    This made up narrative has to end.
    pjtoadie and Hennessy_King like this.
  20. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

    24,228 Messages
    46,402 Likes Received
    The Eagles almost had them, so why is it ridiculous to think we might?
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