Dak's 444 yards and 3TDs gave NE pause

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GMO415, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. phildadon86

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    No. Your narrative does. Harrison smith may as well have been an extra linebacker with how much he was in the box
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  2. rnr_honeybadger

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    BecUse unlike Philly, the Dallas Cowboys don’t ever come prepared for a game. They instead show up and play their game which is a great strategy if you had pro-bowl caliber players in most of the positions you are playing. Not really a great when you have Jeff Heath playing safety.
  3. Brax

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    You can't play the bottom feeders every week, Dak has excelled against the bottom feeder scrub teams now we shall see what better D's hold for him, but I would be more worried about the D, NE didn't play a great game against Eagles so there is hope just don't want the weekly blame if Dak fails this week. I don't hold out much hope until Garrett is gone and Dak can get some real coaching help..

    PAPPYDOG "Dak 666" Zone Supporter

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    Ya I'm sure Belichick is shaking in his boots as Dak is coming to town.....

    P.S. Ain't gonna be time for Dak to have a cocktail back there till one of his WR finally gets open...
  5. MizzouCowboy4

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    Watch Mitchell go off
  6. Fire407

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    The Lions suck. They didn't cover any of our receivers. The Lions defense was laughable and yet they were still in the game at the end. We can beat the Pats, but I'm not expecting Dak to put up numbers anywhere close to what he did against the Lions.
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  7. superonyx

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    First he didn’t say shook. You did to try and validate your point.
    Also Dak leads the entire NFL in passing yards so asking if the Patriots may scheme to stop Dak isn’t a foolish question.

    whats foolish is pointing to our opponent in 1 games backup QB as justification to ignore an entire body of work.
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  8. starfan1

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    The pats defense is the truth but their offense is not. That said our defense can make anyone look good

    one thing in our favor is Brady isn’t mobile we get killed by mobility . It will be an interesting game one that the cowboys can win.

    I don’t think they will but it won’t surprise me if they do. They cannot start slow again which is as much on Garrett as it is the players

    the players will all need to be on their best game and I’m sure if they lose it’s Daks fault if they win the narrative won’t be anything pro Dak

    as much as I like Dak he’s played well all year long and he is due for a stinker. Hopefully it don’t happen next week
  9. rocyaice

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    More importantly the coaches didn’t get in Dak’s way. They really screwed him over that Vikings game.
  10. Runwildboys

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    Well, considering we beat the Eagles and have a better record, that would seem to indicate that maybe we can beat the Pats.
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  11. nate dizzle

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    I'm less concerned about what our offense will be able to do and more concerned about what our defense will be able to prevent. Since we suck at stopping pass catching RBs (we are 3rd worst in the league), I predict Brady will use a combination of James White and Rex Burkhead to systematically march up and down the field on us. Oh yeah, we also suck at defending TEs, so look for Watson to have a huge game. (If you're setting FanDuel lineups this week, you just found your sleeper cheap TE and RBs...you're welcome).

    Offense will need to put up 28 to have a chance.
  12. GMO415

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    Hahaha. Father time is definitely in the building
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  13. Ranching

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    @PAPPYDOG is not gonna like your post.
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  14. Hook'em#11

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    Now worried about the Offense against the Pats. Dallas' Defense?

    Yea, that worries the heck outta me. And, it should every Dallas fan. Thankfully, Brady can't run.
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  15. Aven8

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    Bill will have a gameplan no doubt. But I’m confident he’s a tad nervous as we have some talented players. Too bad they aren’t coached very well.
  16. erod

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    Or perhaps he'll just watch the Packers, Saints, Jets, and Vikings games and expect the typical slow start by the offense.

    If the Patriots get up 10-0, it's over.

    That's the challenge.
  17. cowboyblue22

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    bellicheat is not worried about the cowboys dak will give it his all but coaching and the defense and special teams will get in the way of a win
  18. glimmerman

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    If we can pressure brady and hold there points low then we have good shot at beating them. Hoping that Cooper can get healthy, will need Cooper, Cobb and Gallup in that game. If they shut out Elliot then they will get open.
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  19. GMO415

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    Here's the funny thing, watch Bill shutdown Dak and he'll take his chances with 21.

    EzE isn't the same back anymore. I don't think he could carry this team. He looks slower now. It would have to be 60/40% EzE/ Pollard
  20. Creeper

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    I am sure Belechick has already figured out that the Cowboys defense won't be able to stop his offense. Belechick will exploit the Cowboys LBs and DTs making Brady's job easy. Belechick also knows he has a really good secondary playing with a lot of confidence. He will blitz Dak all night forcing him to make quick decisions and forcing the Cowboys receivers to make the right reads. If there is a weakness on the Cowboys offense its that they are not prepared well by the coaching staff.

    Having said that, isn't this exactly the kind of game Dallas wins? Remember the New Orleans game last year. The Saints were on a roll and Dallas completely shut them down to everyone's surprise. The Cowboys lose to the Jets and then beat the Patriots. Nothing about this team would surprise me.

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