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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Lets face it Dak is highly likely going to be here for the next few seasons. Jerry Jones has been vocal about extending Dak this coming off season. In the anticiparion of a contract extension with Prescott, here is a possible contract scenario where I feel the needs of both sides would be met.

    5 year $110 million/75 million guaranteed

    2019 cap hit - 17 million
    2020 cap hit - 21 million
    2021 cap hit - 25 million
    2022 cap hit 25 million (12 million dead money and 15 million in cap savings, if cut)
    2023 cap hit - 27 million (27 million in cap savings, if cut)

    This provides stability at the most important position in the game and is not selling the farm to ensure a capable starter is behind the center. The salary cap has been increasing yearly and by 2023 it should be well over $200 million. Dak would only be accounting for 10-12% of the team's cap and it will allow for other home grown talent to be paid.

    I also see it as a benefit to get the extension done this coming off season, due to Goff and Wentz more than likely getting massive extensions in 2020. Which very well could raise Dak's asking price.

    What are your thoughts?

    If you aren't a fan of Dak and don't want to see him here any longer than next season, what do you consider should be done to solidify the position over the next two off seasons?

    Edit: Since he is under contract for 2019 already, perhaps an extension would change to something like this:
    2019 cap hit - 800k
    2020 cap hit - 17 million
    2021 cap hit - 21 million
    2022 cap hit - 25 million
    2023 cap hit - 25 million (12 dead 13 cap savings)
    2024 cap hit - 27 million

    Maybe even give him a higher 2019 cap hit and lower some of the future year's cap hits, if possible. For example, his 2023 cap hit would remain the same, but if he is released, he would only count 4 million as dead money and 21 million in cap savings.
    Sorry, I am not a cap expert.
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    Nah give him 90/4 years

    He’ll take us farther than Romo ever would so he should get paid just as much
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    This seems very reasonable. I wouldn't consider myself a Dak fanatic, but I realize he's at the very least an average QB. 15m/yr avg guaranteed sounds good.

    Love the structure and freedom we have to cut bait in a few years if the Cowboys decide to move on. A $21mm/yr avg for the first three years sounds fair based on his production and what I feel we can expect from him and his potential growth.

    After 2021 we can cheaply cut bait and move on if we have a better option waiting in the wings or decide to draft someone high or sign a vet to take over temporarily.

    Well done, IMO.

    Edit: misspelled word
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    From what I am hearing from anti Dak fans, is to just let him play out his rookie deal and franchise tag him in 2020.

    The price tag will be around 28 million that year. But there is no plan other than trade a bunch of picks to move up in the next draft to select the top QB.

    Not a fan of this outlook. At all.
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    I'm surprised at your level headedness
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    Well he is going to be here for a while whether we like it or not. Better make it work somehow lol
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    I am not extending Dak for anything more than $10 per year. Let him go somewhere else and get another cheap QB in here until you can find another franchise QB.

    Signing him to a huge contract because he is the best we can do at the moment will hamstring the team. The Jaguars did that with Bortles.

    Dak’s current value to the team is he is so cheap. If he gets paid $20-$25 per year then the team will have to suffer somewhere else and he will have to compensate for that loss by pulling more weight. I don’t think it is a good direction for the team and we will regret it.
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    I don't disagree cause I think there is lots Dak can improve and I'm not sure he can. But the counter point is 10m isn't realistic imo and while you go find your franchise qb, if you find him, then develop him you will waste the years of Zeke, Cooper, Martin, Tyron, Fred, tank, Byron jaylon and lve's prime. We will be def heavy and no qb to lead the team .I think you sign a deal that you can get out of if needed while still drafting QBs mid rounds hoping to hit if Dak can't improve .I don't think you can just cut bait . If you can't get a deal to walk away from, yes go back to the draft early. At least with Dak you are a playoff team and can hope for some luck along the way .
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    Bortles' contract isn't hamstringing the Jags, his level of play is. They have over $11 million in unused cap space this season and can easily create more cap space next year by cutting him and a few other overpaid underachievers.

    It's exactly the type of contract Dallas should do (3 years, $54 million) but Jerry will probably give Dak a Matthew Stafford (5 years, $135 million) one. Barring a dramatic playoff run this season, I'm not on board with that.
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  10. CATCH17

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    Others are taking us where Romo single handedly couldn’t.

    Dak single handedly can’t do squat. He’s not good enough.

    He still hasn’t figured out that running is his biggest strength so he just holds the ball forever and takes sacks like a dummy.
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  11. CATCH17

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    Heck.. Let the market compete. Most teams have their QB.

    Pay him top dollar if someone actually makes a top dollar offer. Just don’t compete against ourselves and pay him a lot of money cause you like him.

    Let him test Free Agency and see what he is offered.
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    Bortles will count as $16 million in dead money next season and only saves them $4 million if he is released by the Jaguars in the offseason.

    Jags will be left with a huge question mark at QB and they are still $7 million over the cap.

    The outlook in Jacksonville is beyond bleak
  13. Willfreedom909

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    Romo was never good enough to take us anywhere.
  14. J12B

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    @Nightman what do you make of Daks situation and what are your thoughts on the deal listed in the original post?
  15. Nightman

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    Sacks are better than INTs and he holds longer because he can run

    He has to be judged post Amari and not pre Amari.... he had no weapons but Zeke
  16. Nightman

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    Good job..... a couple things

    Don't worry so much about Dead Money ...his base salaries are so high they will save space no matter when he is cut ... but hopefully he gets better and not worse.....DAL saved 34m in cap space when Romo retired 3 years into 6 year deal that was heavily backloaded

    Second when you do these projections you have to add the signing bonus and pro-rate it over 5 years..... they all do it
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  17. Nightman

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    I would give Dak 4/60m extension right now with 100% guaranteed

    That would get him paid a year early and still offer life changing guarantees

    If he balls out he can always re-do it in 3 years instead of 4

    If he waits and plays hardball he get dribbled his money in 2020 with no future guarantees past the first 20m Franchise Tag
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  18. Nightman

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    That is a terrible idea

    Someone will Poison Pill an offer we can't match

    QBs are too valuable no matter what the Dak Deniers around here think
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    For me this is not a question wether i am a fan of him or not. In fact i like him alot. He is a fighter, he is a good leader (as far as i can judge it). And he says all the right things in front of the cameras. He seems to be very coachable too. But he is and IMO will always be a very below average QB. And that IS the main problem.

    So, he is signed for one more year. After that we have the 5th year opt. to keep him another year. After that we can FT him. That gives us 3 years to find a good QB.

    Next offseason is not a good one for QBs but the year after is. So we could have saved some resources of next years draft for 2020 or even 2021 and spend it there for a good QB.

    IMO this team is just one good QB away from the big game.
  20. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    Lol if Romo had this defense we would’ve won a title despite Garrett

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