Dallas needs to resign LG: Xavier Su'a Filo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dak_Attack_09, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Dak_Attack_09

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    This guy should have been starting all year long if it wasn't for incompetent Garrett coat riding Conor Williams. XSF has size, strength & athleticism to play in power or zone scheme with McCarty's offense. When he was starting Dallas had a stout running game, and Dak never got pressured from middle allowing him to take the deep shots. Jerry should be able to resign him for a team friendly deal.

    Also every-time Tony Pollard ran behind him he got 30+ yds!

  2. ItzKelz

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    Xavier trying to block a LB on the second level
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  3. Teague31

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    I would take him back but hardly a priority, especially if McGovern is back
  4. jazzcat22

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    Was Williams as bad as what some on here was reporting? Or was he just the next band wagon whipping boy many seem to need to have?

    I really don't know if he was bad, or just ok, but reports he was improving before his injury. And there were reports Su'a-filo was good at run but poor in pass protection. So was he really any better overall.

    I don't watch film to over analyze and also do not take everyones opinion for total truth, and some will skew it with an agenda. :laugh: And that goes both ways, good and bad ones. :laugh:

    However I would not complain one bit if he returns. But hoping he gets a big offer to go elsewhere, because I want the comp pick if it works out we get any, depending other FA fans and losses.
  5. thunderpimp91

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    No, Williams was not that bad. He continues to struggle against players who can overpower him, and i'm sure playing next to a not 100% Travis Fredrick didn't help that. I have nothing against XSF either, but that guy has his flaws as well. He could easily land a starting gig in the NFL, but I wouldn't pay him starter money with what the Cowboys already have on the roster. Honestly i think the goal should be to see better production out of that spot than what we got from both of those players last year. Connor still has the ability to improve on the field, but at this stage in his career XSF probably is what he is.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Xavier Su'a Filo should be resigned. But Connor Williams played pretty good this year.
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  7. The Quest for Six

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    I'd take Looney back before Su'a filo because of position flex to play both guard and center......
  8. The Quest for Six

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    I think Williams will be groomed as the swing tackle with McGovern taking over the left guard spot
  9. jazzcat22

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    I can live with that, seems to be the consensus of some. As OT is more of Williams natural position from UT.
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  10. SeanLee50

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    Going to be cost. If the same price Looney all day

    Hopefully that works out. It’s just a lot of change.

    Williams hasn’t played tackle in three years and McGovern is coming off an injury.

    In a perfect world, this works. We get two young guys at important positions and save Fleming’s 4 million towards the cap
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  11. tm1119

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    Nah, he can be let go. Along with Fleming. Sua’Filo is a solid backup that is good at run blocking, but his pass protection is pretty poor. Looney is def more important to bring back. Draft another guy to develop in the 4th/5th to go along with McGovern/Williams/Knight.
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  12. Creeper

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    I watched a lot of Connor Williams last year and he was not as bad as some made him out to be. To be honest, the entire offensive line lacked dominance most of season except for a couple of games here and there. Don't get me wrong, they held their own, but I did not see anyone moving guys off the line like the 1993 Cowboys did. They held their own, including Williams. Where Williams excels is blocking on the move. He may be as good as anyone on the team pulling and blocking but he struggles taking on big strong DTs straight on. This may be where Su'a Filo is better, but then Su'a Filo is not nearly as good pulling and blocking downfield.

    I know I will get a lot of pushback on this, but the bigger problems on the OL were Fredericks and Tyron Smith. Travis was clearly not 100% fully recovered and I expect we will see a big improvement from him in 2020. Tyron is a different story. He appears to be getting slower and stiffer. Certainly the back and other injuries are hurting him. DEs get around him now when that never happened before. He misses a lot of blocks in space in the running game too. He committed 10 holding penalties I believe as well. This is a key year for him. If we see improvement it should alleviate fears he is deteriorating. But if he slips a little more then I think its time to start thinking about a replacement in the 2021 draft. The game I would use as an example of how the OL did not play as well as they should have is the Vikings. The Vikings stuffed the run the entire game and the OL had no answer for it. The Vikings DL occupied blockers and allowed the LBs to fill gaps at the LOS. No one on the OL seemed capable of handling his man.
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  13. jazzcat22

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    Great post and analysis.
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  14. Garddog

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    Yep, Tyron had a bad year The question is, do you wait another year to start looking for a replacement or do you do it now.
  15. Tussinman

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    He's basically a back-up level and injury prone as well. It took him 25 games just to get a game grade of at least 70 which is NOT good. He's also has the last 3 season derailed due to knee injuries (4 knee surgeries total in that 3 year span).

    He would do better in a more limited role, swing tackle would be easier on his body and would take advantage of his footwork
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  16. ESisback

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    Filo, McGovern, Looney, Hyatt, Williams, Smith, Fredericks, Martin, Collins
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  17. cowboyec

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    personally i didnt think he played as well as the season before.
    i'd let the two Connor's duke it out.
  18. conner01

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    Much more valuable because he would be active on game day
  19. Tussinman

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    Tyron concern is more exagerrated than the Williams hate

    1. He had 6 total holding penalties, not 10. 3 of the calls where so bad that the announcers LITERALLY called out the refs for it during live coverage......

    2. Tyron was playing an all-pro level before his 40 million dollar Quarterback crashed into his ankles. They rushed him back from his injury and he got most of his season penalties those first 2 games back from injury (Philly and Giants game). Once he was actually healed he had 1 holding penalty TOTAL in the last 7 starts of the year.........

    3. Leno, Bakhirati, Lewan, Villanueva, Whitworth, Tunsil, Penn are franchise pro bowl caliber LT's and literally all of them had more penalties than him and everyone except Bakhirati was graded worst than him. The "he's a penality machine" or "he's no long a top 3 NFC left tackle" are both jokes.

    Tyron's health and performance are extremely exagerrated on this forum.

    Tyron despite having his jabroni QB shatter his ankles still had a pro bowl caliber year.......
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  20. ESisback

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    Jabroni...funny word!
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