Deion Sanders had advice for the Cowboys defense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by davidariust24, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. DallasCowboys2080

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    they wont be able to stop zeke. at all! shock the world!
  2. Cowboysheelsreds053

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  3. StarBoyz83

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    Ride 21 and the defense to the sb. Just like if we didnt have 21 in 95 we wouldnt have won the sb.
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  4. The Natural

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    Why didnt you say any of this to his face though, that would be the man thing to do
  5. robjay04

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    Well to Deion’s defense, he does have a job. I don’t think Haley could get a job lol.

    I don’t consider Deion a Cowboy. He was dead to me after he disrespected Romo for saying he can’t tackle.
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  6. viman96

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    It is a good thing Deion did not say watch his old games on how to tackle.
  7. GMO415

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    Yawn. He's no scholar.
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  8. robjay04

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    Meh we would’ve been alright. The core was still in their prime and seasoned. Obviously he made us a better team in the playoffs but we would’ve been in the mix either way.

    6-3 with him.
    6-1 without him.
  9. Ranching

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    I'm more man that you'll ever be! You get any questions, PM me you freaking dweeb!
  10. SnakeBite

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  11. cowboy_ron

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    Ego's are a funny thing hih Ranch? They just automatically assume everyone wants to praise them.........Aikman is the same way even on his Acme brick commercial as well as have Joe Buck stroke him in his introduction of "and the Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman" every week.......I'm like really? Your ego seriously needs this?..........:laugh:
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  12. RD21

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    I felt the same way about Emmitt when I met him. Although, the biggest Dbag former player I ever met was hands down, Danny Serious.

    One of the coolest, & most personable was, of all people.... Joe Theismann. Was on the same flight as him out of St Louis in Sept '94. He autographed a card that I gave to my mother. That card is on her fridge still today.
  13. Reality

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    Deion's guide to defense ...

    1) If the guy running at you is bigger than you, either duck or jump out of the way.
    2) If you are chasing the guy, put a hand on him but be sure to let another player tackle him.
    3) When the other team only throws your way 3 times per game, act like you are the best ever.
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  14. Aven8

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  15. DCreppinBoysfan

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    Don’t be so sensitive. You know Emmitt disrespected the franchise once he left for Arizona, is he dead to you or a non-cowboys?
  16. RD21

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    Not apples to apples. Emmitt wanted to keep playing. Jerry & the Cowboys needed to move on. They parted friends, & Emmitt has been nothing but gracious to the organization since.

    Deion got butt hurt because Romo hit him with a truth bomb. Mind you, this is after Deion repeatedly dissing Romo for years. Deion had no problem calling out Romo's deficiencies yet, got super butt hurt when Romo pointed out one of his. Sanders came off as very petty, & most definitely was the sensitive one in that exchange. Romo handled all of Deion's nonsense with class (for years).
  17. rags747

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    The only way Zeke gets 35 touches is if we have success running the ball, no success and you will be punting all day.
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  18. davidariust24

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    I cant wait to find out
  19. davidariust24

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    I heard at the airport handing out cowboys towels?
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  20. davidariust24

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