Deion Sanders is a candidate for FSU heading coaching job

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Nov 7, 2019.

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    Taggart is good recruiter and he did not make a difference with FSU. I think Deion would be a horrible HC.
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    That's not enough camera in front of deion ..........he would be a horrible head coach.

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    This is a really bad idea. He's already the mayor of , I mean, how much work is involved there? He's involved with all sorts of things, how much time there?

    HC is a 120% work week. That ain't Neon and even if it were, I can't see where he has that kind of time.

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    Expected this when opening was available.

    Deion has been coaching for free or near free for 20 years.
    He's kept tabs on all the best players from Texas to Florida which is most of the best players in the country.

    He loves FSU.

    Question will be compliance and coaching staff but armed with decent asst coach salaries he has a ton of NFL buddies.
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    instead....guys like Deion should put up the $10mil to buy out PJ Fleck at Minnesota and get him to Tallahassee...P.D.Q.

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