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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Mar 14, 2019.

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    With what theyre doing right now you can get somewhat of a look at where they probably go in the draft

    Dallas picked up Hurns option so he will be back. And word is he's already working out.
    Dallas signed Devin Smith. Very talented has just been caught in injuries.
    Dallas signed Tavon Austin.
    Cedrick Wilson will be back in 2019.
    Dallas seems to like Noah Brown
    Then Add in Cooper and Gallup.

    Wouldnt be suprised if they dont draft anybody or until the 7th.

    Dallas has all the depth on the interior they need.
    They just resigned their swing tackle
    The have their swing tackle in the waiting on the PS in Campos

    Jason Witten returned
    Jarwin emerged late in the season
    Schultz looks like he might be the future starter
    McElroy lol yeah....
    Witten didnt come back to play 20 snaps

    They dont need nothing here.

    Think the first pick will most likely end up being Safety.

    Theres a couple names there too that will be nice. But theres a specific type of S Richards needs. They dont need a SS, because even thought he doest have the traditional size, Woods is the SS. He's a S who is playing the box most of the time. Dallas needs that single high. Because thats not Woods game, he roams the middle and puts hits on guys.

    At 58 There are 2 guys who will most likely be there for them to draft.

    Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
    Probably has the highest ceiling of the 2 safeties im going to talk about. But also has the bigger hole. He can play either S spot. Can play in the slot on bigger WRs and TEs and the down safety but also plays the single high. Has alot of range but does play tight in that single high spot. Alot of his problems are over thinking and a little cheating. With a guy like Richards this kid can find his zone and take off.

    Juan Thornhill
    Thornhill has probably reached his ceiling, and its not bad. He actually has better size for the single high S that they want. He's a former CB with the ballhawk skills this team lacks, 10Ints in the last 2 yrs He is the better guy in transition from backpeddling into running with WR. Very comfortable playing with his back to the QB. Reads the Wrs movements to adjust to the pass. IMO Thornill is a most natural fit for what this team does. He's NFL ready and needs less development. While Johnson has the possibility to be better, theres also the possibility for him to be just a situational player.

    Juan Thornhill S

    While this draft has alot of talent on the DL...Most of the talent at DT is in round 1. Theres a couple of DTs later but they dont leave round 2. And i think S is a bigger need. DE this team isnt going to give up on Gregory as his situation is going to get fixed with a rule change soon. Charlton and Armstrong are still there and Charlton i think is going to take that step this yr. I think he would've last yr if he didnt get caught up in them injuries. He started the yr off hot then got hurt. Armstrong is a 4th rounder, needs development.

    But this is the 2nd biggest need on the team. Depth behind the starters.

    They've added Covington and resigned Ross. NT as much as people here are wanting these slobs with their stomachs hanging over their pants thats not gonna happen. This team doesnt use that type of NT. And as much as people here want to say they didnt get run over in the rams or colts game. Those teams simply let them go where their assignment took them and they had the patience to run behind them. Simple as that, its called a wash for those who dont know. That left alot of open room for them Gs and the C to take out Smith and Vander Esch. Thats a coaching fault that didnt adjust.

    So round 3 comes in at the 90 pick

    Theres a guy there that the team might have to trade up for. And they have met with him.

    Charles Omenihu
    He played the 5tech at Texas but in Dallas they would probably ask him to add a little weight and play the 3tech. He is really fast off the snap, and i could see them using him the same way they use Crawford. Has the length and the hands to fight off blocks inside with the burst to get to the QB at the shorter distance then playing DE.

    Joe Jackson
    He is the prototype SDE for this DE. Doesnt have the speed or natural bend this team looks for at DE. Same skill set as Charlton but not nearly as defined which is why he's a later round pick. Would actually clog up to DE spot for Dallas. But like i said the talent for the DL spot is round 1-2 heavy then it drops off dramatically. While these guys are still serviceable,theyre not going to jump out at you.

    ROUND3 trades 90 and RD4 comp
    Charles Omenihu 3tech
    Dallas also gets back a 6th rounder
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    Abraham from Miss. St is a pre draft visit. We'll see what other safeties come in. I think their first pick with be DL.
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    Trade back and get cheaper players.
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    Great post my friend. Can’t argue with anything you said.
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    Abram is the exact same type of S Woods is with more size. You dont want him in the single high
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    Well done !
    Informative and insightful..
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    Defensive line ... defensive line ... defensive line!!
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    There arent any DL in this draft after round one who would replace any starter on this team. Maybe Willis but i dont think Dallas has a cance at getting him.
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    Very well thought out and good direction, but I'll go with Dboy here, I still believe they take a DL of some sort with our 1st pick, then address S...
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    This is a great post and attempt to look ahead. As i see the roster shaping up, i think the following three positions will be selected between rounds 2-4 (in no particular order): DL, S, RB.
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    I don’t disagree with you Latin.

    I just doubt this team moves on from Heath and Woods.
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  12. Killerinstinct

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    Safety, WR, DT, RB
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  13. LatinMind

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    One thing the Jones' have kept saying..They need to improve on TE and S.

    They brought in Witten and i have to believe they see that as improvement as anybody who follows football.

    I think S is a big need in their minds.
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    Fingers crossed!!!
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    I know we'd never take a DT in Rd 1.....but with our first pick being in the 2nd,I'd assume DT is/should be on the table.

    S...we know the names.
    CB...Justin Layne,Mch St.

    our 1st pick at 58 probably one of those.
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    Good points and discussion. Agreed that receiver isnt as big of a need as some think. Aside from a player that falls I would focus on DL and S first. From there consider OL, Cbs, and backup RB.
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    Do not be shocked if Dallas goes Gerald Willis III in the 2nd round. He's a talent big 3 technique.
  18. LatinMind

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    With Cooper, Gallup, Witten and Elliot being primary targets i dont see much balls to go around. NOw we dont know the offense that Moore will run yet. Im sure it will be what we saw in 2018 with moore wrinkles in it aswell.

    There are some guys later in the draft.

    2 guys

    Morgan Stanley JR

    Keesean Johnson
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    Woods is our FS, so for SS with the draft, don't see them using the 2nd round pick for that, when we use alot of dime in our defense anyways. I still see a pass rusher as a need with Gregory & Irving gone. I see pick #58 being DT/DE before a SS.
  20. LatinMind

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    Would def have to trade up for him. Would love that too

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