READ THIS *** Do NOT post anything political on this site! ***

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If you post political comments on this site whether in a new thread or in a reply, your account will be benched!

That means if someone else posts a political thread and you post a reply with political comments, not only with the thread starter have their account benched but every user who posted political comments in that thread will be benched as well!

There is a reason why we do not political discussions and comments here. We live in a polarized world and for just about every one of you who loves one side, political figure, candidate, etc. there is someone who hates that side, political figure, candidate, etc. There is no majority here of one or the other. Cowboys fans on this site live all over the country and even outside the country, and just because we all come together to support the same team does not mean everyone agrees on topics beyond football.

There are plenty of other sites on the net where you can have endless debates and post your witty insults until someone one-ups you, and you can support your causes all you want so use those places to do that.

To be clear, this includes any topics or articles that may be somewhat Cowboys related, but also involve politics!

There will be no more warning notices posted on this!
Not open for further replies.