Does the Lombardi look different this year?


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Believe it or not, it isn't unique to Cowboys fans. All fans do it after a little success. It's a false narrative that only Cowboys fans dream about / talk about the Super Bowl. It was never true.
True, all fans get excited when their teams get off to a good start, but I’m not sure there’s another fan base that gets as carried away with their team when it’s winning as Cowboy fans, because our fans are routinely voted as the most delusional. Lol If you listen to Jerry, he must be delusional if he believes some of the things he says. What really got a lot of fans going way overboard after the first two games was some in the media were talking about how great this Cowboys team is. Some fans literally started foaming at the mouth after hearing Jimmy’s comments in a video that was posted.

After we beat the Jets, he said this was the best Cowboys team he’s seen since he was coaching them to Super Bowl wins in the 90s. He was really impressed with our defense. After some of the fans saw his comments, they thought the Cowboys were invincible. :rolleyes: However, I never bought in because it was far too early in the season to know what type of team we really have. Turns out it wasn’t nearly as good as everyone thought.

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Every year about this time the Cowboys seem to have already accepted the Super Bowl Trophy.
Somehow it's not there in February.
Lol, as long Jerry is large and in charge
You are forbidden to use Superbowl and Cowboys in the same sentence.