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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Shake_Tiller, Feb 15, 2021.

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    In the end, after we've drawn up myriad scenarios, the most likely thing is the Cowboys choose a CB at 10 -- Farley or Surtain. My guess is they stand and choose -- no trade-down.

    I figure one of the two safeties fall to them in the 2nd -- Moehrig or Grant. I hope they go that direction. If not, I expect they will pick an edge rusher.

    The first 3rd round pick points to DT. One of Onwuzeriki, McNeil, Tufele, Togai or Shelvin will probably be available. Also watch Werner, the Ohio State LB, who is a great scheme fit.

    The comp at the end of the 3rd would be a good spot to take a tackle. Christenson from BYU is a little over-age but pretty close to plug and play. Hutson from Cincinnati is green but has a lot of potential.

    The first pick in the 4th fits nicely to draft a smaller, more mobile LB. Fields from WV is interesting. The undersized LBs are going to fall to this range, I imagine.

    You could come back to CB with the 4th round comp -- maybe Adebo from Stanford. Or you could grab a DT like Marvin Wilson if he really is that far down the board. But I have my doubts.

    Starting in the 5th, you're really drafting for opportunity and depth. But there could be some interesting players, like Wallow, the LB from TCU, Diablo, the safety from Pitt, Hainsey, the ND guard/tackle, or a WR who tumbles because of the deep talent at the position.

    I like the CB/S combo in rounds 1-2 because if you hit on them they should be day 1 starters. I think one of those DTs should be a rotational guy. Getting a LB creates flexibility, and I think you need more speed on the weak side.

    Edge is a sneaky need unless you are 100% confident Gregory can and will be reliable and able to hold up over 17 games in a bigger role. But you also have to figure Lawrence is going to start to slip in the next couple years.

    Pick wisely and you can get a mid-late WR to plug in for Gallup when he leaves. I'm not too worried about RB. Rookies can and do start.

    I want an OL to develop as a potential starter. I'm not ready to jump there on day 1 unless T. Smith is released or retires.

    Whatever direction they go, I hope they improve the speed on defense. That is critical in the modern league. I won't cry if they take the ND LB in the 1st. I just think CB is a huge need and the board seems to fall in their favor to fill it at 1.

    If you want a pure speed bump at DT to give you 10-12 plays a game and be a short yardage option, look late at the Oregon guy or at the BYU guy.
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    We need to end Day two with at least the following. My preferred order

    CB (Surtain, Farley)
    FS (Moehrig, Grant)
    DT (McNeil, Shelvin, Tufele)
    LB / OT (BPA)

    Four comp picks is huge for us this draft
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    I agree with what you say their plan is likely to be
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    This draft could be transformative given the comp picks we have (lots of good players are found in the 3rd and 4th). I like your analysis here. In the first I think that you simply must go DB given the state of our secondary. I am with you that I would not be upset with taking Parsons at 10 if he falls there (probably won't) or Owusu-Koramoah, but we would have a pretty crowded linebacker room at that point and I would want to find a way to move Jaylon Smith if that pick was made. I think that I like Surtain over Farley since he seems a little more polished even if Farley has more athletic upside. We need a solid day one starter. I also think we could trade down, nab another 2nd or 3rd rounder and snag Jaycee Horn around pick 20. I think that he is right there with Farley and Surtain and considering how bad the roster is on the Defensive side of the ball at the moment, I think we could use the spare picks to shore up other holes (and there are a lot of them).

    I also think that offensive line with certainly be in play for the Cowboys in the first, second, and third round. At the moment we are extremely reliant on our starters staying healthy to have a competent unit and that is a terrible way to run that position group give the frequency of injuries among O-linemen. I also do not see Tyron playing more than another 2 or 3 seasons and there have been rumors of Collins pondering retirement. I am really starting to like Quinn Meinerz and I think that he could be a an absolutely dominant force at guard and replace Connor Williams who is more of a depth piece than a starter in my opinion. Meinerz, Biadasz, and Martin could be a really good if not dominant interior combo and put us in position to fill the holes at Tackle through the draft in coming years. If we trade down to the 20-25 range to stockpile picks like I think we should I would not be upset with pulling the trigger on Meinerz.

    Any way you cut it, this draft is one of the most important that Dallas has had in years. In my opinion, if we do not hit home runs on two or three players I think that this team will be in serious trouble long term with amount of bad contracts that we are currently roped into and the dumpster fire we are trying to put out on defense. We have a hell of a lot of draft capital and simply need to hit.
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    In your first 4 rounds that's almost identical to what I've been
    saying with CB, Safety and DT and in the 4th round 2 picks I'm looking LB and OL
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    I agree with you but I would throw in A Darius Washington. I know he is small but he makes plays and is instinctive. I like that in a little player.
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    In round 1, I want to take Surtain, Farley, or Parsons.

    For round 2, I'm open to BPA on defense. There's a couple guys I like, and our defense could use help at nearly every position. We just need to add any good player there.
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    I think you are correct. As long the QB situation is resolved by the draft.
    1) CB
    2) S
    3a) DT
    3b) LB or OT
    4a) LB or OT
    4b) Future QB or TE or the starting to double up
    5a-7) double up with high ceiling guys with flaws you think can be fixed.

    I think through 4a, you are hoping to be starting by mid year or the first of 2022 at the latest.
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    Outstanding OL response. Too many are taking for granted a complete return to health of both OTs with all the uncertainty you mentioned surrounding them.
    Steele and Knight are spot starters imo. How soon people forget the importance of the LT position and it's impact on an offense.

    Adding Collins's situation to Smith's, and I consider it priority #2, second only to QB.

    But I am also fully aware of the current dumpster fire status at a few of the defensive positions as well.

    But if you ain't got a left tackle, you can't hardly do anything offensively and the Jones cross your fingers and hope strategy is not my preferred contingency plan. Unless starting Martin at LT was an actual option to consider. Only then would my opinion possibly change.

    I say again, Steele and Knight are not Left Tackle starters.

    Just my opinion.
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    My God man. This was spot on!
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    By the end of round 4 we could hit all of our target positions. CB, FS, DT, LB, OT, & WR.

    Would make rounds 5-7 trade territory or straight BPA.

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