Easiest way to fire JG

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by glimmerman, Oct 13, 2018.

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    Yes it a fire JG thread but..

    This is a way that JJ will realize it. I know SJ is ready to fire him. He knows the obvious.

    This Offense is shot out. It’s old, outdated and to predictable. Most offenses run the same plays pretty much with slight differences with some different routes, picks, and they call it different things etc..

    This is JG 90’s playbook and Offense. JJ realizes JG can’t call plays. He abandoned the run more than Linehan almost. So he gets Linehan to call JG plays, basically gives JJ a scapegoat. It’s beginning to become obvious to JJ this isn’t working. You can tell by the first game it was a mistake to have no preseason and the Offense wasn’t producing. I think it was JJ call to shut it down for the preseason.

    JJ don’t want to fire JG and he wants to keep Dak.

    If they blow up JG Offense and get a new OC and updated Offensive scheme that leaves JG to only make HC decisions. JJ allows him to do.

    1 - Clap.
    2 - Call time outs.
    3 - Decide when to kick FG or go for 2 point conversions.
    4 - Call challenge.
    5 - Go for it on 4th down.

    I am sure he can tell Linehan to change the play but don’t think he does so he has a scapegoat.

    When it leaves JG no other scapegoat and has to actually HC with no excuses he will be gone in one year.

    First game this year JJ realized the players weren’t ready, he leaves without doing his favorite thing by talking to media.

    Another game he is seen pounding his fist when the Offense isn’t getting it done. It wasn’t because he was out of Johnny walker. JJ never runs out.

    But this last game he slightly eludes to the fact that JG should have gone for it. This gets on JJ nerves.

    JG has 3 choices.

    1 - Go for it. Dak coukd have ran a RPO or read only and got it. I would have ran a sweep or toss to Elliot, get the big boys out in front and he gets it easy, maybe a lot more. But if we didn’t then it at least shows JG has a sack and had confidence in this Offense.

    2 - Let Maher go for a long FG. He was money all night and has the leg. Make it and then kick off.

    3 - Punt. IMO it was the worst choice in that game at that time. Shows no confidence in the Offense. He and everyone knows our Defense was getting burned all night in the middle of the field. It was a weak move. He lays the blame on Marinelli Defense. Uses him as the scapegoat so his Offense and playbook isn’t called into question.

    I think JG didn’t try to win, he wanted to make sure if it was a loss then it didn’t fall on him or his precious (playbook). He has it stuck in his head that if the players execute that it will work. Maybe true but it has to be executed to perfection. Good luck with that.

    If SJ can convince him after this year to make the change at least on OC and new scheme it will work.

    No way that JG makes it a year if he has to coach with no excuses. Will be the last year for a lot of our premium players.

    Once in a while it comes down to HC decisions and not other staff. And JG will blow it. He shows no sack when it counts. This will force JJ hand. As long as JG has a excuse he will be here.
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    Shuffling the OC's around made no impact in improving the stale, predictable passing offense that Garrett installed in 2007 and it won't this time. The only thing that spiced it up every once in a while was with Top Offensive talent (Romo, top WRs, Running game, O-line) that just plain "Out-Talented" the opponents. His scheme is so heavily dependent on having the better offensive roster than the opponents just to have a chance. As much as he likes to bite-off on Belichick's style (was all bout that 12-personnel), he's the anti-Belichick. He's not a smart coach.

    I honestly don't know who Jason would bring in anyway. He brought all of his buddies from his vast coaching experience with Miami (Linehan, Dooley, his baby Brother Judd) and also his old back-up QB buddy Wade Wilson. Jason doesn't have connections. He wouldn't know the first person to bring in.
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    I am figuring that JJ will bring in the OC. Not JG. If so then you are correct. JG would bring in other friends to run his own Offense. This Offense has to be the next OC and not JG worn out playbook. Leave JG to HC and that’s it. It so messed up because JJ and his crew stocks the team. I am sure the coordinators have some say but not final decisions. They coach the players given. That won’t change.
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    Didn't you just talk about not giving up on the season and now you're all about firing JG. Did you just rewatch the last weeks game?:lmao:
  5. glimmerman

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    I absolutely talked about not giving up. I want to see these players win despite the staff. I believe in these players. But if we want to have JG gone then that’s the best way to make JJ see it.

    If we win it’s despite our HC.

    And I want to see you with your Pom Poms. Lol.
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    This isn't Linny's offense, this is JG's. Jeff Cavenaugh on the Fan has stated this numerous times throughout the years.

    What would be hilarious if we only fired JG!!! :muttley:
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    Compromising pictures.
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    Jerry won't fire The Clapping Carrot until he ponies up for a great team of Private Investigators to find the pictures and/or video that has held him hostage the last five years.
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    ooops....sorry Sultan....just noticed that you beat me to it....haha
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    easiest way to fire JG

    JAGS 77
    Cowboys 0
    we need it!

    2 int for td for ramsey too!

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