Emmitt Smith’s Greatness


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Emmitt didn’t just have a free ride to the endzone. He ran people over, had the best stiff arm in football and could certainly put a move on a defender. I never seen many RBs run into a crowd of defenders and still break through. Oline was good, but any RB should’ve had success if that was the case.
I wouldn't go that far. Not any RB should have had success, but I do think good running backs could have done alright behind those lines. They wouldn't have done as well as Emmitt, but they would have done okay. The running backs that backed up Emmitt during the early 90s were not good. They weren't even average. Emmitt's best backup was Chris Warren and Warren was at the downside of his career by the time he played in Dallas. Curvin Richards, Derrek Lassic, Lincoln Coleman, Sherman Williams, Michael Wiley and Troy Hambrick were below average running backs.

It was a good offensive line even when it was made up of a few different line ups. I believe there was a different starting center in each of the 3 Superbowl wins. The combination of that line and Emmitt was special. I don't think other top backs would have meshed quite as well with that line as Emmitt did, but they probably would have done alright.


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Emmitt is the most complete RB ever.
The most durable
The best blitz pickup

I have to say tho the best RB I ever saw in my life was Bo Jackson. Love what Emmitt did my 2nd favorite player after hershal walker. But Bo I've never seen anybody do what he did.


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Those great teams teams from 1991-1996 were 0-5 when Emmitt either missed a game or could not finish with an injury.

In that same span they were 8-2 without Troy and 4-1 without Irvin. But yall ain heah dat from me.
That's exactly right. If people can't see what Emmitt's value to that team was and how he elevated them, then I can't help them. I even gave specific examples of how he elevated the O-line and it still gets lost on some. Mark Tuinei, Nate Newton, and Kevin Gogan all blocked for a prime Herschel Walker and still didn't get any kind of accolades and recognition. Then when Emmitt comes along they start racking up and get credited for his accomplishments. And then as great as that team was, somehow they magically sucked without Emmitt.