ESPN: Cowboys need defense with No. 16

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    We're only keeping that spot warm for some other team until we trade down.
  2. Nation

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    If there isn't an impact player there we should. Terrance Williams is on the team for 4 years and 2.9 million dollars, we need more contracts like that given our current cap situation.
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  3. Tabascocat

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    If Donald, Ealy or Haha is there and we trade down, I'll be upset. If they are gone, then by all means gain an extra pick.
  4. boyzfan1972

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    with the 16th pick in 2014 NFL draft, Dallas selects John Doe. long snapper out of Kalamazoo community collage.
  5. rbr651

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    The first thing that comes to mind for me when you look at his size is Ratliff, I for one was not down on Jay, but the endless threads about him being too small were all over this board. When we're talking 3-4, personally I'd like to see more beef.
  6. AsthmaField

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    Yeah, there were endless threads about Jay being too small because he was playing as a 34 NT. Jay was just about right for a 43 3-tech, which is what Donald would be playing for us.

    I absolutely love Donald, but if we were still running a 34, I would say don't draft him because he'd simply be too small for that position. However, we are playing the one defense where his size wouldn't be an issue, so we can just focus on his terrific work ethic, his unbelievable quickness and his rare first step that makes him such a perfect DT for a Marinelli defense.

    One of the big plusses with Donald to me is that he absolutely plays like a top 5 DT. His skill, his ability, and his football intellect are all top 5... however because he is 6-1, 290 there are a lot of teams that won't use a high pick on him and so he is (probably) going to slide down to us at 16, which is lower than his skills and his game tape say he should be drafted.

    It really is a great opportunity for us to lock up our 3-tech for the next decade.
  7. tyke1doe

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    The opposition already laughs at us. I don't want to give them another reason.
  8. 03EBZ06

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    I can't imagine how much of grief he received while he was growing up.

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