News: ESPN: Eagles' Wentz says stress fracture is still healing

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Reality

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    Eagles' Wentz says stress fracture is still healing


    Carson Wentz says he's not fully recovered from a stress fracture in his back, but still expects to take part in OTAs when they begin in May.

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  2. glimmerman

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    When was this fracture.
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  3. mmohican29

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    The good news here is that the Wentz Excuse Express is ready to roll again for 2019.
  4. BoysfanfromCanada

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    Them giving up on Foles is the best thing that could have happened in the NFC. I don't see a guy who 'brings it' in the 4th quarter of important games. He's missed playoffs with a pretty solid roster two out of three seasons.
  5. GenoT

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    At the rate he’s going, this guy’s gonna be as banged-up and brittle as was 36yo Tony Romo...except in Wentz’s case, it’ll happen before he turns 30.
  6. glimmerman

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    Is this his contract year.
  7. viman96

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  8. JJHLH1

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    Wentz has a lot of injuries. I like Dak’s durability.
  9. GMO415

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    Sean Lee syndrome. Couldn't happen to a nicer team.....
  10. Nav22

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    Dak plays more often and wins more often.

    Oh, Dak’s numbers are better too, if numbers are your thing.

    Anyways, what were we talking about again? Oh right, the least clutch QB in football whose teammates recently called him out for his lack of leadership. Sorry, carry on.
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  11. AmericasTeam81

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    This is not good news for some around here
  12. lostar2009

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    I believe last year when they said he mess up his back. The whole season was lost and they shelf him the remainder of the year.
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  13. GMO415

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    she-it....that's great news!
  14. Irvin88_4life

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    He has a 5th year option
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  15. JoeKing

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    He's had plenty of time to heal. No worries, he can still practice just as long as everyone respects his Red jersey that means hands off. And in games he can wear a pink tutu. :muttley:
  16. Corso

    Corso Offseason mode... sleepy time

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    Just keep being that super-great teammate with the clutch gene you've always been Carson.
    Everything else will fall into place... wait.
  17. ItzKelz

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    When it comes to injuries.....Wentz is like Romo in prime. The Sean Lee of QBs. Bones ready to pop like Miles Austins hamstrings.
  18. Vanilla2

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  19. Idgit

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    It’s a shame that dude can’t stay healthy.

    Good luck extending him to a huge contract, Philly.
  20. TwoDeep3

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    I think you guys may be premature about his career. His injury was pretty hard core.

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