Video: ESPN: Is McCarthy's job at risk after Cowboys' loss?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by triplets_93, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. daboyzruleperiod

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    Absolutely not! Injuries continue to decimate our Cowboys OL. MM is a big believer in OL continuity. The team hasn’t had much of it in 2020, though, with injuries forcing the Cowboys coaching staff to shuffle players in and out of positions with disheartening frequency.

    Fans need to take all that into consideration.
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  2. FiveSuperBowls

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    Hmm, ESPN is still around...
  3. Flamma

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    Like I said, I am still not happy with our coaching staff. Mainly because like you said, I don't like his approach.
  4. stilltheguru

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    He wont get fired but I've seen enough. Our only hope is firing Nolan and bringing in a guy like Greg Williams or somebody else that brings a rough and tough attitude to the defense. Not a guy that started the year sitting in a booth :facepalm:
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  5. Cowfan75

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    Yup. If MM can do nothing about the garbage that these coordinators churn out each week, he's useless. If he's signing off on the garbage, he's worse than useless. You could scrap this entire staff and spin a wheel to call up plays and it's the same difference.
  6. Texasfootball21

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  7. cern

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    i think it's worth mentioning that the texans have improved considerably since firing their hc a few weeks ago.
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  8. stiletto

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    Nothing will happen with McCarthy although it should. It is clear he is another clueless re-tread coach who Jerry hopes will get the team "over the top". Every excuse is built in this year though so there will be at least another year of him.

    For me I would go in another direction (young new HC talent, let them bring in all new people, etc.) and load up in the draft. Now THAT would be exciting but with a re-tread coach and a very questionable defensive coordinator; not much to be excited about next year for me.

    Their coaching abilities are not going to magically fix themselves. McCarthy is a coach that is supposed to be seasoned enough to put teams in a good situation if things aren't right with injuries, etc. Seems like he is opposite to me.

    I definitely think he was riding QB coat-tails in his other stint now.
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  9. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    What we have seen thru 11 games is way more than loss of players, it's called terrible play calling going back to the Rams game.
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  10. JPM

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    He's as snug as a bug in a rug.

    Porky isn't going anywhere.
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  11. TheCoolFan

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    No way, the man can do no wrong this season...even as bad as some of his decisions may look. I believe he is tanking and if not directly, at least indirectly. He is trying to experiment with different plays and situations trying to see what he's got. Let's re-evaluate in 2021.
  12. JMPearson

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    There is no talent deficient maybe after the injuries to OL, but there is plenty of talent to be 8-8 on this team it is 100% coaching, they offense system is 20 years old and no other team in the league runs it.

    The defense system play a majority of the time the weakest position group on the team.
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  13. cowboyec

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    he'll get the length of his contract.
  14. Kingofholland

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    We may have still lost the game yesterday, but McCarthy's gambles destroyed any chance. It's hard to believe a 4 pt game turned into a 41-16 game in 12 minutes.

    I do believe McCarthy will be back next season but on a short leash.
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  15. Big_D

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    He would have to do a complete 180 on these gambles. If he's still doing it next year, he should be fired on the spot.
  16. Dale

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    Great points. I tremendously undervalued Rivera when he was available this offseason. I've always thought he was a respectable coach, but the job he is doing in Washington is worthy of applause.

    Think of the dysfunction they've had between the name change and the Snyder allegations, in addition to the personal cancer battle you referenced. And not only is he on his third starting QB of the season -- he had the cajones to make the difficult decision to bench Haskins early on.
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  17. iceberg

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    The team needs an identity.

    Don't resign dak
    Find a, new home for zeke
    Let Mike rebuild as hecwants
    Hire someone else to rebuild as they want and end it for mike

    Anything else continues the Dallas groundhogs pain. Repeat crap but never learn along the way.
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  18. triplets_93

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    Jerry Jones is a good communicator in the sense that I think that MM already know well what Jerry wants. This stern sit down talk you're talking about is fanciful, to say the least.
  19. Illiniferret

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    I'd rather have Dave Campo back.
  20. CowboyRoy

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    Nah they lose that game regardless. That game was starting to tilt. You saying that Dalton doenst throw that pick 6 if we make a first down? You saying that the Redskins dont run it down our throats in the 4th quarter if we make that first down? It was obvious the way the game was going to me. I thought the call was dumb, but that wouldnt have changed the outcome. They still had to go 70 more yards to score.

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