Signed by Cowboys FB Olawale traded to Cowboys **merged**


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Playoffs are back in Dallas!

Wonder how good he is if Oakland liked KS over him. Does he play ST?

Found this on him
Olawale can run crisp routes and is a legitimate threat out the backfield, as evidenced by his 75-yard catch and run in Mexico City against the Texans two seasons ago.

Here is something neither Alstott nor Richie offered: 4.40 speed. Even at the age of 28, the 6-foot-1, 240-pound Olawale worked diligently to get that timed sprint.

“He came here and changed the attitude of the whole program, the whole atmosphere,” Olawale said of departed Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio. “For a while there, we didn’t have any winning seasons. He came in here and we were able to turn things around. Moving forward, the future is bright.”

Cap hit of 1.8mil this year.
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