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Former Cowboys Qb Ryan Leaf arrested for DA

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by MonsterD, May 23, 2020 at 6:55 AM.

  1. MonsterD

    MonsterD Quota outta absentia

    5,989 Messages
    2,496 Likes Received
    Haha had to do it sorry.


  2. Iago33

    Iago33 Well-Known Member

    2,183 Messages
    925 Likes Received
  3. MonsterD

    MonsterD Quota outta absentia

    5,989 Messages
    2,496 Likes Received
    The title I put "former Cowboys QB" nothing to do with charge.
    Iago33 likes this.
  4. GenoT

    GenoT Well-Known Member

    4,565 Messages
    7,740 Likes Received
    Leaf had all the physical talent in the world, but couldn’t handle the pressure of being a starting NFL QB.
  5. roughneck266

    roughneck266 Well-Known Member

    4,303 Messages
    2,687 Likes Received
    Dude has had anger issues for quite some time.
  6. nightrain

    nightrain Since 1971

    6,574 Messages
    10,849 Likes Received
    What an epic fall from grace. I feel sorry for the woman who was involved with this guy.
  7. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

    13,075 Messages
    9,812 Likes Received
    Saw him in an interview last week talking about his career.

    he was really a decent QB in college and I never saw why he bombed except he didn't read defenses well and was very non-mobile.

    That's enough to fail at that level. Hope things improve.

    I have been in domestic arguments with the cops called and people lie about it to the cops. Then they get arrested and have to serve some time like Leaf is doing and they learn not to do that again.

    Its a process. The cops are so concerned about their jobs, they just handcuff you and book you and do their job. People think cops are like Hawaii Five Oh. It ain't. They could care less.

    The cops just want there jobs and benefits and some girlfriend on the side to help them forget their wife and kids at home. My dad was in the FBI. I knew what was going on with him as I grew older.

    It never changes.
  8. ghst187

    ghst187 Well-Known Member

    10,879 Messages
    5,831 Likes Received
    Leaf threw a pretty ball and had a great arm so he must be better than Dak....right Cowherd?

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