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Twitter: Former Pats WR/ST Coach Joe Judge to be Giants Head Coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. ryanbabs

    ryanbabs Well-Known Member

    3,502 Messages
    2,861 Likes Received
    That’s karma for what he did to the Colts...:laugh:
  2. Captain-Crash

    Captain-Crash Well-Known Member

    5,599 Messages
    6,537 Likes Received
    dang down to college or high school for Jason.
    "I'd really hate for him to go to an elementary school and have success, jerry jones"

    and we put up with this crap since 07.
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  3. ryanbabs

    ryanbabs Well-Known Member

    3,502 Messages
    2,861 Likes Received
    I’m thinking (and hoping) that he taught Rodgers a lot of those “little things” that gives you advantages as a QB, that he will pass to Dak...like quick snaps when the defense is changing players, quick snaps at the goal line when defense isn’t set, etc. Those things add up.
  4. mrmojo

    mrmojo Well-Known Member

    6,253 Messages
    5,371 Likes Received
    Imagine if they do, that could turn into a Gilbride/Buddy Ryan situation....must see TV.

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