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Twitter: Former Pats WR/ST Coach Joe Judge to be Giants Head Coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. InTheZone

    InTheZone Well-Known Member

    5,606 Messages
    4,923 Likes Received
    3 super bowl coaches. And two of them royally screwed themselves with their QB decisions.
  2. 32BellyOption

    32BellyOption Well-Known Member

    1,186 Messages
    1,351 Likes Received
    The difference is the Cowboys are built to win now. Giants aren’t. Cowboys couldn’t afford to wait for a
    guy to grow into the job. I wasn’t all that excited yesterday about the McCarthy hire but I’m starting to really like it.
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  3. FrankM

    FrankM Member

    40 Messages
    29 Likes Received
    That was Mike Judge.
  4. LucaBrasi

    LucaBrasi Sleeps with the fishes Zone Supporter

    4,723 Messages
    5,140 Likes Received

    Go Cowboys!
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  5. Miami_Giantsfan

    Miami_Giantsfan Member

    94 Messages
    84 Likes Received
    Good point. Makes sense.
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  6. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

    13,574 Messages
    10,243 Likes Received

    B/w Rodgers and their HC..

    we were in only a lucky bounce from beating them..

    Never got it.
  7. bysbox1

    bysbox1 Well-Known Member

    1,353 Messages
    304 Likes Received
    Interesting. I guess [ut someone experienced in to work with new HC who's never been an HC before.

    We'll see how this goes.
  8. boxer-rumble

    boxer-rumble Well-Known Member

    2,621 Messages
    5,272 Likes Received
    Getting passed over by a WR/ST coach must not feel too good.
  9. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

    13,574 Messages
    10,243 Likes Received

    Jerrah mandated more success from Garrett.

    What we got was not Xs and Os..

    but rah rah videos.
  10. USArmyVet

    USArmyVet Well-Known Member

    343 Messages
    679 Likes Received
    The Giants decision to hire a WR's/ST's Coach who has never even been a coordinator is blowing up all over the issue of the Rooney Rule and the lack of African American HC's (there are 4 out of 32 teams) in the NFL. Many feel this is the tipping point given the league is 75% African American players.

    Regardless of race I think the Giants made a poor decision but the ripple effects are going to be huge.
  11. aikemirv

    aikemirv Well-Known Member

    12,593 Messages
    5,516 Likes Received
    Can you imagine this board if Jerry signed Joe Judge to be our coach!
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  12. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

    12,737 Messages
    12,226 Likes Received
    Pederson has done a lot more than McCarthy with much less. Guess I’m a hater or a non homer.
  13. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member

    5,714 Messages
    7,237 Likes Received
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  14. TexasFrog

    TexasFrog Well-Known Member

    6,504 Messages
    6,594 Likes Received
    I thought I'd seen Joe Judge before and now I remember.....he was the guy who told me weed eater line was on Aisle 32 in lawn and garden at Home Depot last week.

  15. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,025 Messages
    26,481 Likes Received
    Cowboys don’t have years to waste the prime of their players. I’m shocked the Giants are willing to waste years of Barkley after wasting two years of his career.
  16. CowboysWillRise

    CowboysWillRise Well-Known Member

    10,969 Messages
    16,052 Likes Received
    Exactly, JG didn't have the skill set to succeed
  17. Pantone282C

    Pantone282C Zone Supporter

    4,930 Messages
    6,864 Likes Received
    Rabble rouser!
  18. Valkyr

    Valkyr Well-Known Member

    1,176 Messages
    1,678 Likes Received
    People keep trying with the General's men when they can't get the General.

    Maybe it will work out eventually.
  19. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

    11,142 Messages
    6,761 Likes Received
    Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
  20. NEODOG

    NEODOG 44cowboys22

    2,240 Messages
    2,287 Likes Received
    Garrett the OC according to ESPN
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