Gamble on Jaylon Smith will pay dividends

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. aikemirv

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    If there is an opportunity for a dynamic playmaking safety to replace Heath at the end of the first round - that would be my pick next year
  2. erod

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    Heath was phenomenal against the Giants. He was everywhere. Let's see how that plays out because all he did was make plays last year with the limited time he got.
  3. cowboys1985

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    The great thing about Jaylon's WK1 performance was even if you'd ignored his injury and history and just treated him as a rookie in his first start, you'd be wow'd. There's definitely something special in him, and its up to him to keep building on it.
  4. hornitosmonster

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    I think the 2016 Cowboys draft may go down as the greatest draft ever.
  5. Szczepanik

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    There were maybe 10 users that were confident when the pick was made. Personally as a student clinician, I was extremely optimistic about his chances. Glad to see he is showing the FO that they made the correct choice
  6. gimmesix

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    I will give him credit for playing well, and I was somewhat skeptical about moving him to starter. I said that he makes sense at safety if we're going to primarily use zone coverage, which plays to his strengths. If we were going to continue being a primarily man coverage team then I didn't see him being a good fit for Church's role.

    I still believe this to be the case. However, it looks like we're going to be relying on a whole lot more zone coverage this year, which also is a better fit for Carroll. So two of our four starters are probably better zone fits than man, while Scandrick, Brown and Jones are probably equally adept at both. ... I don't know on Awusie and Lewis yet.
  7. LandryFan

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    Having Dak and Zeke (especially Dak) on the cheap for the next couple of years or so helps a lot in that regard. But you're right, we're going to have a costly O Line (and they'll be worth every penny).
  8. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    I understand the concern, but we should know by now based on other players, including Jaylon, that it is way to early to draw conclusions. In our instant gratification society, we seem to have gone from it taking a few years before we know on a player to why isn't he a stud now.
  9. LandryFan

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    Which is why good drafting is paramount. It's a given that some players have to be let go because of the limited cap, but good drafting eases that pain. We need to pay McClay a lot of $$$ to stay around. He doesn't count against the cap, so I'm more than happy to spend Mr. Jones's money.
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  10. eyedoc

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    I know it's Lawrence contract year. He could have a double digit sack total this year. I remember J Ratliff having a high sack total his contract year and he got paid well on a new contract. However he never came close to that one year sack total after he got paid. Go Cowboys
  11. Direwolf63

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    Way too early to talk draft, but I'm looking at LB early next year. Lee is great, but he is on the wrong side of 30. We still don't know about Jaylon, but it looks promising.

    Hitchens and Wilbur are gone after this year. And Wilson has a suspension staring at him in the face.

    WR will be a need. Butler is gone most likely. But I do like Brown's potential.

    You can never have enough o-lineman.

    Luckily, we have plenty of picks next year.
  12. kumizi

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  13. CalPolyTechnique

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  14. TrailBlazer

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    Myles Jack was there for the taking
  15. Wolfpack

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    it was a terrible wildcatter reach. Same as many before this one. They never pan out.
  16. xwalker

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    He physically can't be a quality LB as of right now.

    There is no way to know if he will get better physically.

    It has been over 18 months since the injury. Initial predictions were less than 1 year for the nerve to re-generate.
  17. RS12

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    I sincerely doubt it, we are closing in on two years now since the surgery. It is what it is.
  18. Beast_from_East

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    I hate to say it, but he is a gimp at this point and shouldn’t be on the field.

    Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts
  19. Ken

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    Glad we are bumping threads now. The other Jaylon thread wasn't good enough obviously.

    The book isn't closed onJaylon, I would stop because it is way too early to write him off.
  20. Cmac

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    It will not matter if you pair players with potential to old, unimaginative, and mediocre coaching.

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