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Garrett surpassed Wade, is now No. 4 in Cowboys coaching victories

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Red Dragon, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. TellerMorrow34

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    All things considered I'll take the 2-3 over the 2-0.

    The 2-3 gave me more chances to Champion. I'll take that every single time.

    Now the Cowboys certainly would have been champion more often had Johnson stayed and then that would change my perspective on this altogether.

    But since he didn't then I will not give him credit for what might have been. I'll take the guy who got us there 5 times and gave us a chance to be a champion on an almost yearly basis for 20 years over a guy who got a couple after 5 years and then jetted.
  2. JD_KaPow

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    IIRC? Seriously? It's just a few posts up there: all you had to do is scroll. I said, "it's a completely apples-to-oranges comparison." Why do you want to pin some bumper-sticker type statement on me?

    Johnson was only the coach of the Cowboys for 5 seasons and he started with a horrible team. He did an incredible job of building them up, and he won two Super Bowls. Then he was gone.
    Landry was the coach for decades and managed to keep them playing at a high level through many transitions, at least until his last few years.

    Landry got to 5 Super Bowls in 29 years. That's pretty incredible. Johnson got to 2 Super Bowls in 5 years. Also pretty incredible.

    It's almost impossible for me to compare those legacies, and I don't care to try.

    I will say this, if it will make you happy. Let's look at the Cowboys vs. the 49ers.
    In the Cowboys' best 5 years, they won the SB. Same with the 49ers.
    In the Cowboys' 6th best year, they lost the SB. Same with the 49ers.
    In the Cowboys' 7th and 8th best years, they lost the SB. The 49ers didn't even make it to the SB. The Cowboys' 7th and 8th best years were better than the 49ers' 7th and 8th best years. The Cowboys' top 8 seasons were better than the 49ers' top 8 seasons.
  3. Manwiththeplan

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    going to one and losing is better that not going, BUT IT IS NOT BETTER THAN WINNING

    Marv Levy's 0-4 is not better than Jimmy Johnson's 2-0, because he actually won two.
  4. LittleBoyBlue

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    Jimmy 3-0 ;-)

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