Graziano: Tony Romo 15th in Jaws' QB countdown

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Interceptions per attempt (ranking worst to best):

    1 Charlie Batch, QB 0.057
    2 John Skelton, QB 0.045
    3 Matt Cassel, QB 0.043
    4 Ryan Lindley, QB 0.041
    5 Brady Quinn, QB 0.041
    6 Mark Sanchez, QB 0.040
    7 Chad Henne, QB 0.036
    8 Jake Locker, QB 0.035
    9 Brandon Weeden, QB 0.033
    10 Jay Cutler, QB 0.032
    11 Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB 0.032
    12 Josh Freeman, QB 0.030
    13 Andy Dalton, QB 0.030
    14 Tony Romo, QB 0.029
    15 Andrew Luck, QB 0.029
    16 Michael Vick, QB 0.028
    17 Philip Rivers, QB 0.028
    18 Drew Brees, QB 0.028
    19 Eli Manning, QB 0.028
    20 Ryan Tannehill, QB 0.027
    21 Russell Wilson, QB 0.025
    22 Christian Ponder, QB 0.025
    23 Carson Palmer, QB 0.025
    24 Cam Newton, QB 0.025
    25 Sam Bradford, QB 0.024
    26 Matthew Stafford, QB 0.023
    27 Alex Smith, QB 0.023
    28 Matt Ryan, QB 0.023
    29 Matt Hasselbeck, QB 0.023
    30 Matt Schaub, QB 0.022
    31 Blaine Gabbert, QB 0.022
    32 Peyton Manning, QB 0.019
    33 Nick Foles, QB 0.019
    34 Joe Flacco, QB 0.019
    35 Ben Roethlisberger, QB 0.018
    36 Kevin Kolb, QB 0.016
    37 Aaron Rodgers, QB 0.014
    38 Colin Kaepernick, QB 0.014
    39 Robert Griffin III, QB 0.013
    40 Tom Brady, QB 0.013
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    You can't really compare Romo to Peyton or Tom.. Add Brees, Rodgers and Eli.. They have they're bad moments but when the games on the line those guys are money..
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    That's the big difference. They have skins on the wall. If Romo had already won a SB or led the team to championship games, he wouldn't have gotten criticized as much as he did for that Redskin game. It might not be fair but that's the way it is. I never cared about lists like this anyway. They are all meaningless.
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    You obviously didn't read my post .. Peyton and Brady both choked in their last game last season. Peyton choked a top seed away. Both threw 2 interceptions. Brees team? Didn't even make the playoffs. Eli's team? No playoffs. They all choked last season. I'm not saying they're not good quarterbacks. I'm saying that the media and Cowboys fans are whining on and on about Romo's last game and "You can't do that in an important game" and "Good quarterbacks don't choke" yet all of the supposed good quarterbacks did just that last year.

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    And if Romo had won a Super Bowl in 2007 you and the media would be right here saying the same thing now. Brady last won a Super Bowl 8 years ago. Peyton last won a Super Bowl 6 years ago. 8 and 6 years ago that was great. 7 and 5 years ago for those guys it was still great. It's 8 and 6 years later and the the pedestals are starting to erode. I know .. I know .. grass-is-greener-elsewhere (GIGE as it were) dictates that you seek out some type of justification for irrelevant-today-facts. I mean after all, it's an individual sport! :D

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    Hope I'm wrong on this but I think it's a mistake to open up the offense.. I think Romo should get the Big Ben treatment..
    Gotcha Reality... But most people who are down on Romo.. including me... And I hope I'm proven wrong... Are not looking at just the Redskin game... We're looking at all the good and bad..
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    Yeah, I'm glad we don't have those super bowl mvp future hall of fame chokers on our team too. ;)
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    I wouldn't have. I stayed with Danny White all through the 80's. I never wanted him benched. I saw Danny take us to 3 straight NFC Championship games. If Romo would have won a SB in 2007 , I would have been loyal. Romo is a good QB and I like him personally. I just don't know if he'll ever put it all together. Every year I watch the team play and every year I think to myself, "Wait until December and January." And it seems like every year the same thing happens. I do hope I'm wrong and Romo does put it together because we are stuck with him. And if he doesn't win one then we have to start all over with another Qb after Romo retires.
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    Yeah, that is how I look at him too.. I look at all the good and all the bad. That is probably the same way Jaws and Graziano look at him too. Hey, top 15 isn't too shabby.. that is above average in the league. I'm happy we have a top 15 qb on our team and I hope this is the year he puts them on his shoulders to get into the playoffs and beyond.
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    I am not saying he as good as Manning or better, just comparing the struggles they both faced and the adversity they both went through. There seems to be some short term memory here. lol Obviously the Colts eventually won, but if Manning does not win that one SB, that one year, does he remove himself from "Arguably" the best to toss it to just another QB??? Given the coach he had, the line in front of him, I would say he let his team down more than Romo has at times, but I still believe PM is the better "classical" QB. Manning Syndrome

    This one is

    Manning's team won in their 8th season together.
    This is Romo's 8th season. Maaaaaaaaaaybbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this team can put it together. lol
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    I understand that.
    But if you watched the team all of the last two seasons, you could not have possibly thought those teams were going anywhere if they made the playoffs. The defense was not nearly good enough, the run game was horrific, and the oline was in the bottom 1/3rd in the league. Part of the reason Romo presses so much at times is because he knows if he doesn't do it, it will not get done. That does not excuse some of his poor decsions, but if any of that other stuff was in place, I feel sure the rest would be much more managable.
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    This is the best thing I have ever seen you post. This could be his year.. our year. I really hope he is just as good as Manning and goes out there and proves it this year. I already love the guy off the field and most of the regular season too.
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    I'll never understand why Romo gets bashed for his playoff record when Matt Ryan gets praised for a worse record and same amount of wins. Or Rivers who hasn't won a playoff game in, what, 5 seasons? And what do people think Peyton did in the playoff game against the Ravens? That was an EPIC choke job. EVERY QB has garbage games where they "choke". Yet you'd think Romo was the only one if you listen to some people.
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    You're right. I never thought they were that good the last 2 seasons. Heck, last year I have no idea how they even won 8 games. But then in that Redskin game, I was waiting for the Romo interception and there it was. That's the last thing that fans remember. Another disappointing season. I think it's just frustration. When Jimmy Johnson came to the Cowboys in 1989, the team was awful. We all saw the improvement though. Year by year they got better. I remember in the late 80's , people laughed at me for being a Cowboys fan. I had the last laugh when we finally won a SB. I tell you, that felt great. I had hopes for the same thing when Romo became QB. But instead the team went from a 13-3 team to mediocrity every year it seems. I know it isn't all Romo but he is the face of the franchise and his mistakes do get to me. Lets just hope that this year is different. I was watching those Cowboy highlights on the NFL Network over the weekend. I just wish we could experience those days again. And then we wouldn't care what the media says about us. We'd laugh at them.
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    It will happen again, our time will come. We have been mediocre for a long time now.. I would say we are due.
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    I didn't like his placement when I saw thread title. After reading the story I respect it and understand it though.The longer Romo continues to make the same errors the further people are going to drop him. He had a great season last year, by any measure. He did, however, let us down once again with the playoffs on the line. Is it solely on Romo? Of course not. But we aren't breaking down every other individual player here, this is a "QB ranking." So level of team play doesn't mean squat.

    I always had Romo in my top ten until last season, but there are just too many other QB's out there who are putting up great numbers now and doing it with the game on the line.
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    You are right that just about every QB has games where they choke -- even great QBs. The difference is the great QBs have also typically had moments of greatness in the playoffs.

    That's the key part missing from Romo's resume. He still has time to make those runs and turn around the perception that Romo doesn't elevate his game in the playoffs.
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    Danny White would have been crucified by the media and Cowboys fans after the second NFC Championship loss. I realize that we all love to remember the days of old with a lot more fondness now, but the truth is that most of the fan base would have run Jimmy Johnson out of town after his first season if that season happened this year. The sad part is that most of the Romo haters will use the "it's a team sport" if he were to ever lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win, but will continue to primarily blame him for the lack of a Super Bowl win until then.

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    Well, the only reason we were in an elimination game with that team was because of Romo. I agree though. The INT was on him and he blew that chance to make a GWD. He's definitely guilty of that. He didn't single handedly lose the game but that was a pivotal play and he has to own it. But all QBs have stinker plays and games. Some never get over the hump but they are recognized as great players. The book has been finished on Romo yet.

    I still say the ultimate test of a player is to ask yourself if you could pick this player or that one at the same point in their careers which one would you choose. There aren't that many in the league right now I'd choose over Romo. I'd hurt his feeling every day or so over ball protection though. Part of him would hate me.
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    This is exactly my point. No one is saying Romo is a top 5 quarterback, but the guys he's being compared to most often have choked several times in recent years including in games where it mattered most.


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