Have you ever seen a more uninspiring player than Cooper

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyChris, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. LocimusPrime

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    I remember the thread a couple of years ago. These cowboys vs early 90 cowboys, who would win

    Yeaaaaaa right
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  2. CowboyRoy

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    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the guy has been hurt for 7 weeks now.

    couldnt be more obvious.
  3. Maverick84

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    You're right it is co clear now, I agree about it being co clear
  4. TheHerd

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  5. Noclaf

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    Bullcrap, total and complete bull, he is out there then he needs to step up.
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  6. CyberB0b

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    He's been inconsistent his whole career, and has a million drops.
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  7. George

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    I think he started leaving three weeks ago.
  8. boxer-rumble

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    I actually thought this too. His look of disgust after that sailed pass said it all.
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  9. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I was the same way. lol
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  10. dplant22

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    As far as I'm concerned they can let Cooper walk in the off season as well. He's just like he was with the Raiders shows up one game and disappears the next 3-4. Waste of a #1 pick. How can that clown not be on the field on that 4th down play? He's your #1 RECIEVER!
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  11. starcity214

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    But, But, Buuuuuut !!! Dak is a great leader!!

    What does Dak lead anyway? Who does he inspire??
  12. InTheZone

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    yup, it was clear as day last week when we played the Rams and Goff pretty much gift wrapped a W for us. Today Wentz was making the throws when he needed to for the most part and the game looked lost very early despite the score.
  13. Daillest88

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    Ball hitn him right in the numbers. What a joke
  14. 817Gill

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    The guy who’s given him the best stat line of his career? Or the guy that he linked up with to be brought back to national relevance?

    Dak has his issues but if you think coop’s issues are mainly Dak related that’s super shallow
  15. ka0tik

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    a first round pick for a guy you’re only gona keep for 1.5 seasons? dallas looking dumb af right now.
  16. kramskoi

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    I will say this. Michael Irvin would have had to be physically unable to walk to not be in on every damn down of the final drive of a game with playoff implications. The Cowboys today were beat by a depleted Eagles team that ran a heavy 2 TE offense. The Garrett era should end to today and Prescott is about to get back on my personal sh## list. He had to be the best man on the football field today. He wasn't. How many damn times are we going to be forced to watch a slow-starting offense that doesn't find urgency until the FOURTH quarter?
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  17. Doomsday

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    It is looking like a terrible trade, they need to cut bait with him.

    No way would I pay him $15 to $20 million per season.
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  18. kumizi

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    That’s always been the knock on him. Football is his job, not his passion.
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  19. unionjack8

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    Another with no heart.
    Irvin and dez will be fuming,,,,,
  20. Ren

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    Gallup has surpassed him

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