Hopefully with Gregory back, Parsons back to LB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Praxit, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. zrinkill

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    There are still people that think Gregory is gonna make a difference?
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  2. Furboy

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    This, Parsons did great at DE! Why not have him opposite Gregory and have both of them converging on the QB? Besides, Hurts is a scrambling QB. Having Parsons at DE might help neutralize this.
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  3. Corso

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    I want him to make a difference.
    The more difference-makers the team gains is a good thing.

    Do I think he's a sure thing?
    I can't say anything has pointed me in that direction with any surety.

    I sure want him to start showing that potential that made him considered a top 10 pick before his continued issues.
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  4. Silver Surfer

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    In response to your thread title....

    I never figured you as a Eagles fan. ;) This is exactly what Jalen Hurts is hoping for.

    There's a reason high quality DE's command much higher salaries in the league than middle linebackers. Being able to apply pressure to an offense rather than vice versa is a very valuable asset for any defense in the NFL.

    My hope is that Jerry understands a dominant defense is every bit as sexy to the fans as a good offense.
  5. Praxit

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    ..he's got the tools, needs to find his groove again. I got faith in the guy.
  6. Irvin88_4life

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    Jaylon was at fault for that run but afterwards he was really solid. I know fans are down on him but i think he is starting to turn things around, which will only help the Cowboys.
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  7. DC Cowboy

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    for now and let out other Rookie LB get some run.
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  8. Aven8

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    You’re wasting this dudes talents if you primarily just let him rush the QB.
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  9. Ekspozed

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    If so, I hope they have cox on the field to spy on hurts. He's a 200 passing 100 rushing guy.
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  10. Majic

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    Exactly. I don't understand Quinn's thinking on this.

    Wouldn't it be disappointing further down the line if we came to the conclusion that we had not got the best out of Parsons.

    I keep asking myself what would Bill Belichick do with Parsons?
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  11. Mr_C

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    The 10 wins on rushes or whatever it was, with only Von Miller being better, should mean he rushes on EVERY obvious passing down.

    Quinn is smart enough to build the D around his strengths. Starting him at DE confirms that I think. No more making the players fit the scheme.
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  12. Scotman

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    That needs to be his real role. He looks like he can transform this group of guys into soldiers. MP and the soldiers...sounds like a band..
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  13. Scotman

    Scotman Well-Known Member

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    He's the best so far and it doesn't even look close. He still looks like he's playing college kids.
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  14. Scotman

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    He is too versatile. Quinn's job is to find a way to increase his impact in the game...whatever has to happen to make that possible. Parsons looks like a game-changer. Quinn needs to make sure he is in position to do that. If the rules of physics only casually relate to the guy, Quinn needs to think outside the box.
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  15. Bullflop

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    Anything's possible . . . we might even switch Gregory over to MLB. Don't laugh -- our FO is always open to odd whims! :laugh:
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  16. MountaineerCowboy

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    We got no pressure on Brady, but was able to get more pressure on Herbert than the WFT did because of Parsons.

    Let's let Parsons play like Von Miller or Kahlil Mack.
  17. MountaineerCowboy

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    Yeah, we've heard all off season how Gregory is going to be the 10+ sack guy. The star makes people delusional about our players.
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  18. BotchedLobotomy

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    I agree, but we as Cowboys fans are not alone. I live in Green Bay, so I have a lot of interaction with Packers fans and they are as bad, if not worse than what I see in here.
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  19. MountaineerCowboy

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    It's odd how certain segments of fan bases can't be realistic about their players. If our players were as good as segments of the fan base think they are we'd be 17-0 every year and never lose. The reality is they're not and it doesn't make you any less of a fan to accept that and be realistic about it.
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  20. J-man

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    I'm just hoping Gregory can be a force so that Parsons doesn't have to do it all.
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