News: How does this run defense get fixed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jazzcat22, Jul 13, 2021.

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    Plug these 2 in the middle of our D-line...
    Problem solved. :D
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    You gotta win the trenches...both sides of the ball.
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    We've had guys with effort and so called the non-stop motor, and quick twitch, etc. but yet we've still been wiped-washed out of the state.

    Player personnel is the main thing, imo... for decades on, we've never had in their prime Snack Harrison, Pat Williams, Dalvin Thominson, Malcolm Brown, Linval Joseph, etc.
    But how much true legit Physical resistance have we tried to place in the trenches....? It starts up front, imo.

    Big body Dontario Poe was completely on fumes and vapors, and it was already showing in Carolina before he came here in Dallas.
  4. CATCH17

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    I think simplifying our defensive scheme is going to go a long way in terms of stopping the run and eliminating big plays.

    Unfortunately bend don’t break is how you have to play defense in the current era of football.
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    Pay has nothing to do with it, the defense can still be better and considered fixed. You just need to learn how to look at it without "dislike".

    And don't give me that BS about affording players in the upcoming years. This is about this year anyway as a start to fix the defense.
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    At this point a garbage can could tip over and provide better run defense.
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    Last season agreed, but you can not say with any creditability "at this point" because this is a much different defense at this point entering this 2021 TC.
    Nobody has any idea at this point,,, just a lot of hope and conjecture until we can actually begin to see how we have improved or not.
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    Wait for the draft.....and wait.....and wait.....oh you're still waiting......zzzzzzzzz
    Cap league and fantasy worlds are for the little ones!
    Do you like that BS?????
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    The run defense doesn't get fixed by using the defensive coaching staff; it begins by having the offensive coaching staff devise an attack plan against your own defense, show the vulnerabilities and weak points that need to be addressed.

    The challenge here is that I do not think the HC or OC are adept at the run game. They're both there for the QB and the pass game.

    Quinn didn't have a good run D in ATL and inherited one in SEA. All the attention went to the Legion of Boom but first and foremost, SEA was the best run D in the league. OC's only ran the ball to try and keep them honest unless they were lucky enough to catch them with Wagner out, like the Cowboys did.

    The Cowboys would do well to try and look at their run D through the eyes of McVay, as he'll run any of his backs up the gut against these D's with great success.
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    Hating is for the little ones. Are you a little one?
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    Gap integrity......the dline last year got washed off the line and the linebackers werent even filling the correct gaps when the dlineman werent getting washed

    it was painful to dont have to do anything special, if you stalemate the offensive lineman on a run play thats a win because it keep your linebackers free and the linebackers have to react, all of the lb's last year didnt react to the offense until the offense was mid play thats unaccecptable
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    When you dont have a dominate D-line the bend dont break may be the best way to go for sure. If they can just stop the run and then make teams string first down together passing that would be a step in the right direction.
  13. kskboys

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    Michael Bennett, Christian Covington, Kerry Hyder, Malik Collins, Robert Quinn. I'd say there was a pretty big turnover in personnel.
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    You hit on some funny points, some of the zoners here say Dak didn't have a good record and didnt do enough to win at the first of the season last year, but in contrast you point out how we were missing some important starters and had lots of turnovers that weren't on Dak for the most part. Lets also not forgot about our horrible defense either right? All I'm saying is it takes a total team effort to get it done, if our coaching works out better and a few players rise up and ball out a ton can change.
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    I think if you can just be a middle of the pack defense that gets an average amount of turnovers that will be enough for this team to compete. The offense should be near the top of the league, and I expect special teams to be top ten like they were last year. McCarthy worries me but let's hope his second year here is much better than year 1
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    In numbers maybe, not talent.
  17. Dre11

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    I've been trying to hammer this point for a year, the defense in 2019 wasn't bad , it was the offense that was disappointing. The defense gave up only 20 points a game. With a good offense you should be winning games.
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    With some big boys in the middle is a good start. And keep these LBs clean to do their jobs. We saw a drop off in play and I think some of it was opposing linemen getting on them.
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    Urban is Hayden 2.0.
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