How does this team get to being an average defense?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Jake

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    I'd like to not give up 30 points in the divisional round of the playoffs next time (if there is a next time).

    Eight straight SB champs with top-10 scoring defenses, just like all five Cowboys championship teams.

    Average defense only gets you so far - even Mahomes didn't reach the SB until the Chiefs upped the defense. They were top ten in scoring again this season, offense AND defense. So were the Bucs.
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  2. panchucko

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    You have to have some talent in there coaching can only take you so far
  3. dsturgeon

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    I think they are an average defense.

    Injuries, adding new coaches, and no training camp hurt them. If they take away the injuries (including the injuries to the offense) and coaching issues last year, the defense might move up to the lower 20's. There is not a lot of difference between 16th ranked defense and lower 20's, they are pretty much average.

    Draft young guys, implement a system, and develop them. In the next 2-3 years hopefully they can move up to around 10 if they are lucky or in the teens.

    Whether it is offense or defense, take the best player at 10, and hope for 2-3 starters in the next 2 years out of this draft.

    It will be good if
    Hill, Wilson, Diggs, Gallimore, and maybe Robinson and Anae continue to step up

    If they sign Dak your money is spent, and hopefully they are a top 3 offense. So, no high priced free agents. Draft, develop, and pay the guys you need to.
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  4. D_Boyz

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    Bring Maranelli back:muttley:
  5. Majic

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    Learn from what other teams do that are successful. Realise that in todays NFL, good offences will be able to out scheme you once you become predictable.
  6. Praxit

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    ..3 yrs ago, our defense was almost top ten @#13. In 2 yrs the wheels fell off and became bottom feeders. How does that even happen?
  7. DandyDon52

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    Dont worry Jones boys will find some "bargains" lol
    I dont see the defense getting much better anytime soon. they like their guys, and will keep any that will sign cheap.
    And hey they have the cornerstone Jaylon !
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  8. armadillooutlaw

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    Yeah, this. It's this simple.
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  9. john van brocklin

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    Need the proverbial trashcan full of dirt DT
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  10. john van brocklin

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    Crawford is a free agent
    Figure he is gone
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  11. john van brocklin

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    All of the above
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  12. john van brocklin

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  13. stilltheguru

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    They were actually 6th in points. Then the Rams happened
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  14. kskboys

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    Stop spending copious amounts of high draft picks on WRs, TEs, CBs, and injured players.
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  15. T-RO

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    Yup. And though I'm willing to give Quinn a chance, I'm skeptical.

    Coaching can bump most players up/down a grade or two. And I suspect that some players are even more acutely coach dependent.
  16. Paradox

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    The new DC and switch back to 4-3 may already bring us back to average. But, I'd hope to draft Micah Parsons at #10 and then go BPA between safety and DL in the 2nd round. Save one pick for an OT and spend the rest on D. Signing a quality FA or two couldn't hurt, either.
  17. DallasDomination

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    Average would mean the defense steps up every now and then...yeah that’s asking for a ton out of this defense.
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  18. Mr_437

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    Shortest distance between two points is a straight line...DT, LB, S.
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  19. JoeKing

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    Never assume the Cowboys are smart enough not to re-sign him.
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  20. TwentyOne

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    1. You dont have the money to sign great players in FA. Sure you can manipulate the cap in a way (release players, restructure contracts etc.) so you can sign them this year. But then the problems will arise 1 or 2 year later. Depts are depts. They have to be paid. If you push them into the future they wont go away. They only accumulate.
    2. If you sign one great NT and he gets hurt you are right were you started. Its a high risk solution when you put your whole faith on one player.
    2. You said your aim is to build an average defense. So you dont need great players.

    Our LBs are not run stoppers. They are side to side LBs. So you need a front who can reroute the run to the sideline.
    Right now our DEs constantly arent able to set the edge not are our tackles able to stop the run thru the middle. We need upgrades on both positions.

    You need 2 DEs and cut DFlaw (contract doesnt match productivity).
    You need 2 new tackles (we have backup material but no starters).
    Then you need at least 2 new corners (draft one very high, maybe with our 10th and one in the 3rd or 4th round).
    You need 2 LBs (Sean Lee is finished and Smith is crap) and hope LVE can play thru a whole season.
    You extend Woods and hope he will find his 2019 form again.

    I guess that will give you an average defense.
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