How Much of an Upgrade are McCoy/Poe?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. 817Gill

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    Baffles me that we finally go get proven players with size at DT and people feel that we didn’t upgrade. These are names that get thrown out on this forum all the time for the team to get lol, these aren’t randoms

    “Both Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe received much higher grades than the 2019 Cowboys’ starters, according to PFF. McCoy beat out Maliek Collins with 72.0 versus Collins’ 65.7. Poe’s 71.2 overall grade blew Antwaun Woods’ 56.9 out of the water. The real difference was in run defense where the duo of Collins-Woods averaged a 61.2, while McCoy-Poe averaged 73.6. The Cowboys new coaching staff has committed to fixing the run defense, which is line one in Defensive Football 101. Without question, the Cowboys have improved their defensive tackle situation with the signings of McCoy and Poe.”

    PFF isn’t everything, but I challenge any of y’all to get substantive analysis that shows Collins/Woods were better overall players. The film, analytics, and statistics from their careers as well as last years don’t lie.

    The argument that last years Panthers Defense performed poorly thus McCoy/Poe can’t play is shallow. Not only did they play a scheme that doesn’t fit their skills (3/4) and have to deal with multiple injuries across the front (Poe’s absence resulted in 50ypg increase rushing). But this was arguably one of the worst years in the recent history of the Carolina Panthers, as they fired their coach mid-season and basically tanked. This has a huuuge impact on the end of year stats. I’m not going to overrule multiple years of good film on both these guys for one bad team statistical season when a generally stable organization undergoes a complete overhaul.

    I bet if we had signed McCoy and another of those 4 reported 1T’s there would be no issue. Poe and another well-regraded 3T would’ve been just fine. But don’t let them sign together now we have an issue lol

    Get hype, we finally have 2 legit DT’s. A common theme for all Super Bowl teams.
  2. JBS

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    It's pretty hard to argue that Dallas didn't upgrade here..the philosophy of the old staff is clearly gone, which everybody in here is thankful for...however, this team now has significant holes in the secondary that need to be addressed
  3. stasheroo

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    If you come across anyone suggesting that the Cowboys didn't improve significantly over what they had last year, I'd consider it an indictment of the credibility of whoever is saying it and nothing more.
  4. Risen Star

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    Poe is the clear upgrade. It's debatable whether McCoy is an upgrade over Collins this year. He's been better over his career but whether he will be in 2020 I don't know.

    It will help both those guys to play with Dorance Armstrong though.
  5. Streetwise

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    There are clearly forum members who aren't fans of the team.
  6. 817Gill

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    But doesn’t it seem that the only category M.Collins would excel at over McCoy is pressures/pressure rate? McCoy is the superior run defender and with Maliek playing in the same scheme in LV, I don’t see why that would change. He doesn’t even get home for sacks as much as McCoy did even in a down year.

    It always seemed like Maliek never could take a significant step forward from his rookie year.

    And lmao :laugh:

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    If they are healthy, IF THEY ARE HEALTHY, it's huge. What is the strength of our Defense? It's not the DL, it's not the secondary. It's our LBs if we can play the right style of Defense. If we can just let the LBs run to the ball, we are a dominating D. If we make them play gap control and force them to eat blocks, they are average at best and our Defense is pretty bad. These two, if healthy, help our Defense a great deal, simply by allowing the LBs to stay clean.

  8. GMO415

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    Since 100% is the highest I'll stick with that.
  9. johneric8

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    I've been skimming through the typical doom and gloom threads with guys hanging on the fact that we haven't won in over 20 years and still have Jerry at the helm, but I will say to them they need to just find another team then if they can't hang. Sure it's been a ridiculous drought, but we're stuck with Jerry for now, and at least from where I stand I see a different Jerry whom is giving lots of leeway to a new coach. None of us saw this coming, the freckled puppet and his fake bravado has taken turn east to spread his robotic message to the Giants fans.

    A true fan would be basking in what were seeing now. If you're looking for negatives, or continuing to point to past failures, you need to remind yourself that football is about entertainment with the hope of seeing your team do well. The fact that Cowboys have completely changed out their defensive coaching, hired some talented FAT guys to clog the lanes and provide necessary push, we should all pause and reflect on what we just went through with Garrett and count our blessings that nightmare is finally over.

    There are lots of question marks with our Cowboys right now, but we're being dishonest with ourselves if we don't fully admit that none of us saw these massive changes coming.
  10. Keithfansince5

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    These 2 signings are HUGE improvements over Collins and Woods and it isn't very close. Just with they would have done that years ago. But, I will take it. Finally we have 2 good DT's inside. NICE
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  11. big dog cowboy

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    They have. You will see a big difference in LVE and Jaylon as they will be free to run and make plays like they did in 2018.
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  12. Joe Realist

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    we will see. You have to trust that guys are staying in shape. But are they? They may be getting fat and with no OTAs, gyms closed, who knows. I think the whole NFL will have record injuries this year.
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  13. JoeyBoy718

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    Neither are long-term solutions. It's only really a loss if we think Maliek Collins will blossom into a force for years to come. He definitely has the tools and has flashed ability. Maybe he was held back by Marinelli, or maybe he was nothing special. We'll see in a few years how he does in the league. But McCoy and Poe aren't long-term answers. We should definitely be looking for their eventual replacements, so I wouldn't rule out DT early in the draft.
  14. dwreck27

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    I see them as respectable STOP GAPS

    Veteran presence that will give quality reps

    But we most definitely will be targeting replacements for them via the draft and going forward because Of their age
  15. OmerV

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    These are the kinds of guys many fans have been clamoring for, and for some fans, the specific guys they wanted. Now that we have them they are suddenly too old and/or are no longer effective.

    The reality is we cannot fill a team with nothing but stars in the prime of their careers. And that isn't a Cowboy thing, that applies to every NFL team. Sure it would be nice to have McCoy and Poe from 3-4 years ago, but if we expect everything to be perfect at all times we will always be upset. Reality doesn't work like that.
  16. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    Poe is a massive upgrade literally and metaphorically. McCoy is also an upgrade but won’t be as noticeable as Poe
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  17. Kaiser

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    So about Trysten Hill.....

    Just kidding, I agree with that but I think McCarthy's mindset is a lot different about playing older veterans than the Garrett years. Garrett (and likely McClay) wouldn't play any non-Jason Witten really old veteran but McCarthy clearly will.
  18. Kaiser

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    Literally, Metaphorically, Financially, Gravitationally... it all runs together.
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  19. CowboyRoy

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    The upgrade is incredible. To have not only ONE of those guys, but both guys manning the middle next to a talent like Lawrence is unreal. Even if only Crawford and Gregory are on the right side, this should be a very very good line. And these two guys will allow LVE and Jaylon to run free and make plays.

    Incredible two signings.
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  20. Praxit

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    .....reaping the benefits of no Jurassic Marinelli. Him and his toothpicks in the middle. Never understood that philosophy.
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