How To Lose Your Man Card: Counting Dak's Money

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by eromeopolk, Aug 13, 2019.

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    During the course of life, I have been given "Man Rules" by various people (male and female) in my life.

    Man Rules
    1. Don't rat to save yourself or make your mistake look not as bad putting another man's business in the street.
    2. Be a Dad/father even when being a Husband is impossible. Its not the child's fault.
    3. Don't count another man's money and don't you count my money.
    4. Never hit/beat a woman. Only a punk/coward beats woman out of anger in a relationship.
    5. Don't react..act.
    6. Let your yea be yea and your nay nay. Don't be wishy washy.

    Rule number 3 has been violated on this forum exponentially regarding Dak Prescott who is playing under contract on his rookie deal at OTAs, in camp, and planning on winning this season as he had winning seasons his entire life in football (high school to pros).

    Why are people counting his money, making comments of what a man deserves, counting other men money, and making judgments on a mans money and worth? Your violating the man rule.

    Don't lose your man card.

    Dak deserves what he earns. Whatever happens will be right for both parties because it takes a minimum of 2 parties to reach agreement on a contract. The market is the market and you are what you are. So I do not have to break any man rules when it comes to a man's money. If you can get it, get it. If you don't, get it where you can and live with the decision.

    The reporter, Jane Salter, that reported Dak turn down $30M and wants $40M reported that to have a reaction. She has lost my respect. It was reported to sensationalize not to inform. All the reactions that he does not deserve $30M or $40M have lost their man cards. The man is negotiating a contract that can be voided at anytime by his employer at his employers choice. So undoubtedly having just annual salary number is not enough. So that type of reporting by the NFL Network confirms my thoughts of what I know the NFL is.

    As for Zeke. NFL collective bargaining says he has to report by the week 10 (mid Nov.) deadline to accrue a season. So what else is new with Zeke missing games for non injury reasons. Cowboys have 2 years on a contract and 2 franchise tags. Zeke will get what he earns.
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    This is a ridiculous post.

    Dak's money affects who we keep, who we sign, and how deep the roster can be in the future.

    If there was no cap, nobody would care. But there is, so we do.
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    Counting Cowboys' cap dollars ≠ "counting Dak's money"
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    I didnt know we still had "man cards" in 2019 :rolleyes:........
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    We barely have men and you want rules?:muttley:
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    People care about the salary cap.. You just lost your fan card.
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    No it hasn't. No one gives a rat's bum what Dak makes. Most care about how much he counts against the cap, an entirely different matter.

    Boy, did you ever misread this one.
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    Lol. Man card... whatever. Maybe some of us care more about the team than a name. Maybe some of us expect better play from the QB. Anyone pulling a "card" has issues they need to work on.
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    * I gave you a "like" Mr.O.P. in the hopes of it possibly lessening the berating stings of peer ridicule being heaped upon yer' head like burning coals, Bro!:thumbup:

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    I'm in the camp that feels Dak is our QB and will get paid. Id prefer it was notthe most in the league, but whatever.

    But you're way off on those not happy about it

    Yeah, a small fraction here are violating that 3rd rule, but the vast majority are looking at it in a greater context.
    Those people have two issues
    1) The cap implications on the overall team.and/or
    2) the long term commitment to a QB that they feel is not good enough be locked into long term—especially at that cost (so more than just cap)

    Neither if those violate you're #3

    Nice list though
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    A lot of what you say on here is right but this isn't just some random guy working at a random job. What he gets paid highly affects our team and what we're capable of fielding around him.
    It's highly important, I would totally understand your argument if was another type of job he was working which didn't affect the sports team I love most in the world.
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  14. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Dang. I've been counting Dak's money and this dude...JUST RATTED ME OUT.
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    Nobody cares how much Jerry pays any of these guys . Everybody cares how it affects our ability to keep all the talent on the roster so we can build a championship team .

    What we pay coaches has no cap so do you think anyone would care if Jerry paid Bill Belichick 100 mill a yr to be our coach heck no .

    We don't need a man card to count the teams money and how it can be best spent to Keep the most talent on the roster just a Clue
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