If this team is serious about making a playoff run, Zuerlein should be cut tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Nov 25, 2021.

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    His nickname is "Greg the Leg" because he's supposed to have the best leg in the NFL. If you can't trust him to make a 59-yarder OR an extra point, why is he on the roster?
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  3. Clove

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    All teams I like suck right now. All I have are the 70s and 90s memories, I'll just hold on to those. F the Joneses btw.
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    I don't care what FG kicker you are a 59 yard FG is a 50/50 thing at best
  5. nightrain

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    Ravens and the Cowboys both have 7 wins. I don't see much difference there.
  6. SlammedZero

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    Now this is a thread I can get behind. I'm so over him. I never, ever trust him when he is lining up to make a kick. Can't even make an extra point. Look over at the Raiders and here is a kicker I've never heard of nailing everything.

    I'm done with Zuerlein.
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  7. kevm3

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    Nobody is blaming him for the 59 yarder. They're blaming him for missing an easy extra point. If he can't make routine kicks like that, why is he on the team?
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  8. losersgetcute

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    I hope the rest of the league thinks the Cowboys are hype, and all of those guys come in and go to work in the playoffs.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    I'm not trying to tell you that a 59-yard kick is easy. But if your calling card is your deep kicking ability, you should be counted on to make that.

    I can live with that miss by itself, but when you couple it with a missed extra point, that's a level of incompetency you can't have from a kicker on a playoff team.
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  10. Smith22

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    They beat the chiefs and the broncos without their #1 CB, plus countless other players.
  11. ShortRound

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    Two games this year… this game and Tampa Bay are on him. I’d let him walk.
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  12. 75boyz

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    Agree. Inconsistency and field goal kicker are not 2 words you want associated with one another.

    Somebody else earlier this year called hum 50-50 Greg and I agreed.

    I do not feel confident on PATs or FG attempts.
    Bout the same as a coin toss.

  13. Xeven

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    Him missing extra points is reason enough. Fire him now.
  14. Mr_437

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    The difference in Kickers won the game for the Raiders.
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  15. unionjack8

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    This team ain't running anywhere.
    It's done.
    ZERO leadership.
    Zero coaching.
    Zero playoff wins.

    It's the same old crap and Daks now part of the losing culture
  16. SFloridaCowboy

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    Zeurlein cost us the Tampa Bay game and this one for sure. Because he missed the xtra point, the Boys later went for two and failed, thus losing a second point they should have had.

    Why was there no free safety helping Anthony Brown cover Desean Jackson, who especially torments the Boys?

    If next week we have Gregory and DLAW back on defense and Cee Dee and Amari back on offfense, I can see the team possibly going 5-1 to end up 12-5.

    If we did not draft Micah Parsons, we would be 4-7 at best.

    Why did not Dak pass well earlier in he game. He can't come back to win all the time. Why can't this team take the ball to start the game and score and put the opposition on its heels. The OL is not opening holes anymore. The offense is struggling.
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  17. AyeAtey

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    Or demote him, but who's next up?
  18. AyeAtey

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    What about the other 52?
  19. Clove

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    Take a look at the defense to why we lost. No defense should give up 36, even if the refs handed them 23.
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  20. MaineBoy

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    I don’t understand how you miss extra points and short field goals that have directly lost 2 games and still have a job.
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