In an alternate reality Mahomes plays for Dallas


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In Dallas he would not be Mahomes...

Or at least the version he is in KC
You could do that with almost anyone. Joe Montana isn’t Joe Montana without Bill Walsh. If he went to 80’s Green Bay or New Orleans, he’s not close to a hall of famer. What if Tom Brady went to a team that didn’t have a QB injury? He may be a career backup. What if Troy Aikman was drafted by the 90’s Colts? We’d have never heard of him. What if Aaron Rodgers went to a bad team that needed him to play year 1? What if the Bucs never traded Steve Young? What if the Falcons never traded Favre?

Peyton Manning, John Elway, Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas. Those are probably the only QBs who would have been who they are on any NFL team, in any circumstance. Maybe Burrow too because he went to a pretty crap situation and made a lot out of it