In Blink of an Eye NFC will be Wide Open

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by T-RO, Jun 11, 2021.

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    I know he's a good quarterback. I know his career was wasted in Detroit. But Tampa is still a way bigger problem.
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    All good points... great post!
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    Stafford will be an upgrade, but that defense lost 2 of it's top 6 players, and it's def. coordinator. Didn't (couldn't) do much anything in draft or free agency
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    Unless the Pack suddenly don’t have Rodgers and then they may not even contend in their own division. And if Rodgers does get traded, can’t see it being to a NFC team like the Saints.
    Thought it was a lock that Rodgers would end up in Denver since that seems like an Elway thing to do and Denver has enough capital. But now I’m not so sure…sounds like Watson wants to go to Denver and I’ve read some good rational cases where Las Vegas makes the trade for Rodgers.
    Even with Rodgers, we SHOULD be better than GB if we do and play how we’re supposed to
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    The Pack not only needs Rodgers, they need him there in non-disgruntled form. And in prepared form. The lack of summer reps with his receivers could be an issue. And as he pouts it's an open question if he is keeping up with his conditioning.
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    You can pretty much say that about any team contending that looses a QB.

    If our defense is half *** respectable we can easily compete with GB but half *** is a stretch when you look at last seasons historically bad unit
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    This all begs the question: who is most poised to step into the void? Let's look at some of the candidates, starting in Arizona.

    The Cardinals added a diminished but still impactful JJ Watt and solid corner Malcom Butler. They traded for an effective center, Rodney Hudson They also get stout pass rusher Chandler Jones back from injury. FA Losses? Three or four solid players, nothing elite.

    In the draft they got a massive linebacker who can run, Zaven Collins...and one of the draft's best slot receiver candidates, Rondale Moore.

    The Cardinals almost made the playoffs last season, and they got notably better this offseason. They absolutely look ready, but will be perpetually tested hard in the West, by far the strongest division in the NFC.

    Dallas faces Arizona at home, Week 17.
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    After scrolling through I just noticed how good of an OP discussion you've made here. I really like your speculative reasoning based on what's being made public ie the Rodgers/Watson situations.
    I also enjoyed how your tone seems very fair and objecive to basic roster improvement, stagnation or regression of the other NFC teams mentioned.

    Very balanced approach. Not the biggest fan of the CZ Jones team pollyanna crowd.

    Great job.
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    Next on the horizon: the Horn Blowers of the North.

    Easy to dismiss as a top '21 threat because they weren't great last year, and you, know, Cousins. But Kirk is, in truth, a top 14 QB and he has two elite receivers in Jefferson and Thielen. Dalvin Cook might be the best RB in the NFC.

    Vikings were 7-9 last year and 10-6 in 2019.

    Here's the stunner you won't believe: Vikes gave up more points last year than the Cowboys! That's crazy as under Mike Zimmer they are typically a lock for a top-12 defense. Clearly the D is item #1 for that's what they've got to turn around. They had a couple of covid opt-out players, but the big problem in Viking country is a lot of attrition of their best defensive players the past few years.

    To fix things they signed stout Dalvin Tomlinson, and once-elite-but aging Patrick Peterson. A big question with Minn is their star Edge Danielle Hunter, who is disgruntled with his contract. I'm not seeing a sudden Viking rise, but with Zimmer's ability to cook up a defense, it wouldn't surprise me.
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    Meant to include in my previous post:
    Cowboys play @Vikings, with their incredible fan noise...Week 8.
  11. plasticman

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    Most likely, it will be the healthiest team that wins the division.
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    Minnesota was the opposite of Dallas in pass/run defense.
    While the Cowboys gave up 158 a game, the Vikes held backs to 125.
    Meanwhile they gave up 263 passing yards a game while Dallas held passers to 258.
    They gave up two points more 475 to 473 on the season.
    Some of the defense's problems were loss of Hunter and inconsistent play.

    This year they get the NFC West and play the 5th toughest schedule in the league.
    They also get Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Denver.

    When it rains it pours. They're most like Dallas, until you see them on the field, you don't know what you've got.
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    Ouch! Good info, didn't know that. That'll make it very tough for them. They'll likely need to dominate their own division, which will most likely depend on a Rodgers departure.
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    Michael Pierce is the vikes NT, they want Dalvin Tomlinson to play 3T.
  15. T-RO

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    Yup. Pierce was one of the guys who opted out. So they'll have two solid guys in middle of the D whom they didn't have last season.

    Pierce carries 340 pounds on a 6'0" frame. :omg:
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    You stole my line.
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  17. T-RO

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    But none of the wit and irony.
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    We'll sweep the east.

    I think I'm beginning to get excited lol
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    The question is: Who can stay healthy throughout a 17 game season. The way these guys are pampered, the answer is nobody.
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