Increasing interceptions - how exactly is it done?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Red Dragon, Feb 19, 2020.

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    really? not their hands?

    they arent WRS and the DC DBS DROPPED 9 INTS LAST SEASON.. AGAIN STOP BLAMING sick of it sure we need to improve our defense heck DT and some of our offense its why we have new staff but our DBs have bricks for hands , most are NOT ballhawks, they dont have the IT factor of being splash playmakers.. Pros are not all equal lmao I mean theres elite and then the rest and it can fall off two tiers down..
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    DB's are known for having bad hands.
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    Place a higher priority on the safety position, you can't constantly dumpster dive at that position and expect positive results.
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    There is actually a list:

    1. Disruptive and deep Dline
    2. Competent S's.
    3. Viable NFL scheme
    4. Ball control O that scores, which makes other teams play from behind.
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    A significant percentage of interceptions are caused by confusing QB's. You mix up the coverages and disguise them so that from time to time, the QB makes a bad read and throws where he shouldn't. Zone blitzes, hybrid zone/man, mixes of different zones, etc. will cause QB's to throw to an area where they think is open but a defender is there.

    The downside of this is that you will get more blown coverages. Just as it can be confusing to QB's, defenders can make mistakes about responsibilities and let a guy run free. This is what the old defense was supposed to stop, and largely did.

    Overall though, winning football is about field position and ball possession. I would rather give up a few long ones in exchange for more interceptions and 3 and outs. The "let the team march down the field" defense looked far better statistically then it did in games. It was always just good enough to lose.
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    More than any other thing, it’s this
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    #4 is underappreciated, but so true. Desperate teams through interceptions.
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    It takes great physical ability, ability to read the quarterback and guts to intercept a pass than just defend it. If you miss on the interception the receiver can gain a lot of yards or score. I think we have a fearless ball hawk in the making with Donovan Wilson. Coach him up .

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