Is Ceedee Lamb overrated?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichiganCowboyFan, Oct 25, 2021.

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    I feel like he just isn't as good as Dez, and Dez isn't a HOFer. I know we didn't have a lot of better options at 17 except Diggs himself and we got Diggs anyway in the second round. But I think it could have been an overdraft considering Noah Brown and Cedrick Wilson have performed just as well in this offense when given their opportunities on a per snap basis. Lamb drops passes, doesn't make tough contested and spectacular catches. He only catches when he's open. He's not Dez even though the Cowboys painfully obviously try to scheme him to get as many chances as he can.

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    Cedrick and Noah get passes because Ceedee and Coop are so good and demand so much attention.
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    This is an odd time to ask this question considering last week's game.

    Also Lamb has 500 yards and 4 TD's so far this season... that's pretty dang good.
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    Did you even watch the NE game?
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    What the heck ???

    He's a very good WR. Does he have to be in the HOF ???
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    hahah really?! seriously wth.
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    I feel like Lamb is going to have well over 1,000 yards and around 10 TDs this year.

    That's 1st round worthy numbers.
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    My opinion is you need new glasses to watch the games through. Lamb is ballin.. Maybe the reason he doesn't make tough contested and spectacular catches is because.. well maybe he's open a lot and maybe his QB is putting the ball on the money. This reminds of when there was the big debate about whether Roger Staubach was better than Terry Bradshaw.. I would always ask people to tell me about all the spectacular catches Swann and Stallworth made and then compare them to the spectacular catches Pearson and Hill made.. Nobody could ever find any spectacular catches by Pearson and Hill.. because Roger didn't almost get them killed with off target throws 9 or 10 times a game.. Likewise Dak is getting his guys killed either..
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    Listen, I too am one not to be buying the automatic HOF hype he was getting before the season started but posting this thread after the last game is kinda odd. Maybe check back in after 12-14 games. He definitely gets a semi-pass for last season and still did pretty good.
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    Just another reason not to click show ignored content.

    Lesson learned.
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  13. G2

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    I don't remember an influx of fans thinking he's HOF caliber. But then again, I ignore a lot of stupid.
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    LMAO at this response! Not because it’s bologna, but because its so true. CeeDee and Coop get open and Dak has been lights out getting them the ball in space. Don’t act like you don’t remember the “Dez needs to be able to make tough catches because Dak is inaccurate” post!
  15. CowboysFaninHouston

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    he is different......cooper is different....CD will be more cooper than Dez. Dez was a physical reciever, without deep speed who over powered defenders....he wasn't a great route runner...CD is a better route runner...and is obviousl great YAC...he is going to be good one...just in his second year. as the 3rd WR he almost had 1000 yards last year....

    Noah Brown is what Noah Brown is...slow for a WR so has trouble getting separation. he is the 3rd or 4th WR, so gets favorable match ups and has ability to exploit zone defenses.....he is never going to be great....role player that knows his place.

    Wilson is good, but its obvious he is taking advantage of some spot match ups. as #1, #2 WR he might struggle to produce the same quality of yards.....

    but yes, Lamb needs to work on his hands......he has made tough catches though, although not I said, he is more cooper than Dez...if its Dez you want, he is not that....probably will never be. he is just not physical enough. but that doesn't mean anything bad.
  16. Cowpolk

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    Is this a trick question?
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    Dez, first two season: 17 games, 108 catches, 1489 yds, 15 TD, 13.8 ypc
    CE, first two season: 22 games (so far), 107 catches, 1432 yds, 9 TD, 13.4 ypc

    Very similar stats their first two years. Dez's total would be higher if he handn't been injured and missed 5 games his first two seasons. Dez was a better punt returner early in his career than CD is right now.

    All in all, slight edge to Dez, but CD isn't far behind at this stage of their careers. CD is a better route runner now than Dez ever was, so he's got that going for him.
  18. CATCH17

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    Different style of player.

    Lamb is more Odell Beckham than he is Dez.

    Lamb is a catch the ball and do something spectacular after the catch type of player more than he is a high point beast type and honestly his style best suited today’s game.

    A lot of people I think believe Lamb is some big hulking 6’3 220lb WR but he’s like 190 pounds soaking wet.
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    He's probably about half the size of Dez too... More Bease than Dez. :lmao2: (I kill me)

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