Is it good for Kitna to be up top during games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Parcells4Life

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    With Moore on the sidelines during games, they’re going to have Kitna up top to read defenses. I would think you’d want the opposite because as the QB coach doesn’t he need to be as close as possible to see Daks mechanics?

    If his stride is off by half a step, I’d think it’d be easier to communicate that in person rather than over the phone.
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  2. Ekspozed

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    I read it's Moore's preference to be on the sideline, as close and personal with dak as he can.

    While I think kitna will be and already has been good for dak, if it's truly Moore's offense you have to let him do it his way. Kitna has a lot of years experience, it may prove useful having him up top seeing everything.
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  3. visionary

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    Moore needs to be on the sideline in Daks ear
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  4. SoupcanSam

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    I like it the way it is. Dak can benefit more from Moore down bottom than kitna, especially since this is a new offense.

    Something as simple as correcting mechanics isnt as important as getting this offense correct in game.

    Imo no amount of mechanic info from kitna will help Dak once the real shells start flying out on the battle field.

    Teach Dak now and hope he can maintain it on the field. If Dak screws up then he needs to find a way to adjust without needing a babysitter.

    He is too many years in to even still be having these little problems.
  5. GMO415

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    Does a QB coach even need to be present on game day? The water boy is more valuable
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  6. jrumann59

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    It depends on how involved in the offense the QB coach is. In the NFL most OCs were QB coaches first.
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  7. CouchCoach

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    Seems to be the personal preference of the coaches and one doesn't seem to be better. If I were the play caller, I would prefer to be up top because that is the angle I am used to watching games. But, Kitna and Moore will be in constant communication with what they are seeing.

    That time that Sean Payton had to be up top because of the leg injury, they weren't near as sharp.
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  8. CouchCoach

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    The relationship between Kitna and Dak is different than some and he is critical to the operation. Dak will have a second set of QB's eyes to assist him.
  9. Ranching

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    I had my OC on the field my first 6 years. I had a very experienced coach up top. The next 4 years my OC went up. We were throwing much more those years and I felt he could see the field better. Brought the OC back down my last two years. I had just hired him and I felt he needed to be close to my QB. We had success both ways. Kitna had more experience than Moore so I think it the right move.
  10. links18

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    I think people overstate the importance of the QB coach on game day. But whatever, a set of eyes up top cant hurt, I guess.
  11. Techsass

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    I'm not sure what a QB coach actually does, but I would think he's probably more involved with practice than he is during the game.
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  12. jazzcat22

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    Yes I believe this is correct.
    The QB coach should have all the mechanics and such worked out in TC and the off season. They probably have limited time during the season as that time is spent on the game plan. However in film reviews, they can bring up any inconsistencies to adjust. As opposed to do it during the game. Then he is thinking of that issue and not just executing the plays.
    So with Kitna up top maybe he can see how it develops better, and the can communicate by headsets if he sees something during the game. He can mention it, or make a note to correct in the next practice.

    Some coaches prefer to communicate one one one or with groups, as opposed relaying messages to the sideline. What they feel comfortable with is fine. Just make it work.
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  13. CowboysFaninHouston

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    as a former don't fix the mechanics during the game....that's when you play and focus on don't see bad mechancis during a game when all heck is breaking watch tape together with the player, and then take what you learned to the practice fix the mechanics during practices, off season, etc....I think the arrangement is fine that way....
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  14. cern

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    the idea is for kitna to relay to moore what he sees {or saw} from above, especially right after a play. this way moore can send in the next play even before the wr's have returned to the huddle. keeps the defense from changing players. much the way it's done by sean mcvay in los angeles. should be very successful. I like the idea.
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  15. Jake

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    You work on mechanics in practice. You don't monkey around with them during games.

    Besides, if someone needs to yell at Dak on the sidelines to appease some fans Kris Richard can do it.
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  16. Corso

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    For his allergies? Definitely.
  17. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Moore is going to call plays. The play caller should always be on the sideline. IMO. So the QB can communicate with him about what's happening after the snap and go over photos together.
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  18. Swanny

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    You can see mechanics better from up top.
  19. The Quest for Six

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    that's why they invented headsets......I'd prefer Moore up in the booth to see the whole field and the defensive alignments.....
  20. DuncanIso

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    Yes. He’s probably helping read the defense for Dak, something Dak was not good at.

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