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News: ITS: 3 Tight End Options for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020 Free Agency?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Reality

    Reality Admin

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    3 Tight End Options for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020 Free Agency ?


    February 14, 2020 - Only once in the last decade and a half have the Dallas Cowboys had to decide what they were going to do at the tight end position until this offseason.

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  2. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    What about Dalton Schultz?
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  3. Mr_437

    Mr_437 Well-Known Member

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    I could see a Richard Rodgers dumpster dive.
  4. daboyzruleperiod

    daboyzruleperiod ♡☆

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    The issue is that TEs rarely walk in and make significant year one impacts. That said, work with what you have w/Jarwin & company, save money for Defensive prospects.
  5. ItzKelz

    ItzKelz Well-Known Member

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    If it's not Jason Witten then why try!!!????
  6. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    As I said in another thread, sign Jarwin, and get a young stud rookie. We were fine in 2018 without Witt. We can be fine again.
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  7. conner01

    conner01 Well-Known Member

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    You need 3
    I don’t know that any rookie you get after 3rd rnd comes in a helps and I don’t see using a top 3 pick on a guy that might get 15-18 pct of snaps
    Jarwin will be the receiver abd Schultz the blocker
    A cheap vet for the 3rd
  8. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Moderator

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    I'd try to sign Eric Ebron and Richard Rodgers. Draft a TE on day 3. Add those to Blake Jarwin, Dalton Schultz and Cole Hikutini and tell them only 3 make the 53. Let the competition begin.
  9. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

    Oz-of-Cowboy-Country Well-Known Member

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    Sign Richard Rodgers, move Shultz to FB, then draft Adam Trautman in the fourth.
  10. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

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    Draft Wilcox. He broke most all the TE records in college and will be there in the later rounds. But I think Jarwin could be the guy. Dak is very comfortable with him and he does a great job getting YAC and getting to the end zone.
  11. RJ_MacReady

    RJ_MacReady mcompact

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    Isn't Greg Olsen a FA?
  12. Beaker42

    Beaker42 Well-Known Member

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    Give me Ebron or a Camp cut. Jarwin and Schultz are good for now. Also, I wish we had taken Goedert. C-Will sucks.
  13. RJ_MacReady

    RJ_MacReady mcompact

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    Not only was Goedert not a target by Dallas, he wasn't really an option (your boys bumped-up in the draft to take him before Dallas' 2nd pick). Either way, Goedert has shown to be just slightly above average in this league so far (Fleener, anyone?) so I don't know why you're crying over sour grapes, Eagle Boy.
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  14. GMO415

    GMO415 Well-Known Member

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    Hunter Henry
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  15. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

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    Despite the fact that I mentioned both Ebron and Rodgers as targets over a month ago, no, I am not the author of this article!

  16. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    We have enough receivers who drop too many passes. The TE is the security blanket and chain mover. I’ll take a less athletic, less likely to make a huge play decent TE who runs his routes and catches the ball and has a little after the catch mobility. Catch radius and ability to catch the ball are my top TE priorities.
  17. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

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    Give me Harrison Bryant from FAU in the draft maybe Day 3 depending on combine. He can't inline block now but give him time in a NFL weight room and let him spot Jarwin.

    But for an instant impact I don't really care for the last two guys and well Jarwin should be fine as our starter.
  18. OmerV

    OmerV Well-Known Member

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    What would be the point of using a draft pick on day 3 when you would already have 5 TE's on the roster? Ebron would have a guaranteed salary of some size, so you would have to keep him. Jarwin would stick without question. The rest would just be competing for the third spot, so why use a draft pick for that when there are already candidates on the team, plus other low cost options available through free agency?
  19. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    There is literally no improvement to Blake Jarwin, if this is your preference.
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  20. plasticman

    plasticman Well-Known Member

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    The Cowboys need to find Dak's tight end. Most QB's have that security blanket guy they can depend on to help get them out of trouble.

    We all know what Witten could do for Romo but older fans should try to remember Aikman's career after Novacek left.

    I can't think of a higher priority for Daks growth than a strong TE relationship. The Cowboys should look for someone close to Dak's age or younger. It doesn't have to be a high draft pick or big money veteran FA. They just need to find that guy that can establish a great chemistry with Dak.

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