It's been 4 games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NoLuv4Jerry, Oct 4, 2021.

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    That to me is the main thing it is not just the win it is how this team is winning. Both sides of the ball are contributing to the success, one is not having to carry the other. Offensive it is in the air and on the ground really a pick your own poison for opposing teams. You want to take our run game go for it we have weapons outside who can make you pay. Winning clearly is big but how we are going about it makes me feel this team can be very good.
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    BUT...BUT...what if I can't control myself due to so much excitement?

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    4 games in NFL years is like 40 in baseball years. :D
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    We all remember what happened in Game 5 last year. Many of us are extremely excited about how Dak and the entire team are playing thus far. I never understand why fans want to tamp down the optimism of other fans. I just don’t get it
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    I get what you're saying. But, I watch football for fun. Even as a die hard fan that literally grew up with the team because my father worked for's still just entertainment.

    I'm down with being happy after four games. Sure, I want to see more Super Bowl wins, but I can enjoy every game I get to see the Cowboys play and win.
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    Fans who believe you are holding the team "accountable" by only being pleased when they win a Super Bowl, what exactly is the point of being a fan?

    I'm a Mavs fan, who enjoyed every single season Dirk played, including 2006 finals. We lost early in the playoffs, couldn't play defense, etc. etc. Then 2011 happened and it was the greatest Championship I've been alive to see and really remember/understand (was a tad too young in the mid 90s and Hockey was a novelty in the late 1990s).

    What fun is it to be a fan if not savor ALL the victories after feeling the pain of the defeats?
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    If every game was that 3rd quarter. :)
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    My wife is so pissed the chose the 3rd to go to the drug store. She came home and just saw me bouncing around in my jersey screaming "LETS GO!"
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    It is what fans do. Get excited and at times over excited, not that it is a bad thing.
    Some go all doom and gloom if not going right, or after a loss. That is normal.

    as long as the players keep their cool and stay focused, and the coaches, and keep winning, all is good.

    I am enjoying this, And will right until KO to the next game. But I also focus on the next game a day or so later.
    Yes we fans can do both. :laugh:
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