It's been 4 games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NoLuv4Jerry, Oct 4, 2021.

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    It's already pretty clear that our Cowboys are one of the best teams in the league. All formers players and coaches in the media are admitting it, our league peers are admitting it, and we have a 3-1 start against good competition as well .

    So yes, time to get excited and cross your fingers that Dak, Tyron Smith, Diggs or Parsons doesn't goes out, and that we don't lose any strong starters for the entire year, which knock on wood, we haven't yet.

    But yes, 25% into the season, we look good enough to be excited. Don't slow down now, just hope that this all amounts to something more than one and done in the Playoffs.

    The reason why you may detect a little irrational exuberance from everyone is because just about all fans were hoping for .500 or slightly better, and to come out this strong is a blessing.
  2. NoLuv4Jerry

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    Winner, winner chicken dinner!

    I could not sit back and stay silent after reading that. A broke clock is right TWICE a day!!!

    Like I said....I am excited. I am optimistic. I am curious. But I also know there is a LONG way to go. And so it is a wee bit early to begin contract talks, bench, trade, hand out awards etc,,,

    Like the great Parcells used to say...."put away the anointing oil"..or "don't eat the cheese"....or "you've been sucked". His pressers were must see TV!!!!!!!
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    They haven’t already? I mean between Collins suspension and Dlaw’s injury, Gallup, and protocols it wasn’t looking pretty after week 1. But they haven’t missed a beat.
  4. TwoCentPlain

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    I got my fingers crossed and hope for the best. Get a victory and stay healthy.
  5. nalam

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    What you hear from the players, Dak, Zeke, Gregory and Diggs , they are grounded and talk about building up from this and acknowledge they let the gas out a bit early, need to finish etc. so we are safe.
    But Fans can look ahead , that is the fun.
    The board will go bonkers after a loss anyway , but that is normal. :muttley:
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    Well, if Zeke, Cooper, Diggs, etc. Miss a few weeks, it probably won't be such a glory story.
  7. Rockport

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    I've only seen 1 or 2 SB threads. Nothing wrong with getting excited about how the team is improving. It's a feel good time right now and I for one am enjoying the hell out of it. But as Charles Haley once said, "If we lose 2 games in a row all hell will break lose". So I'm taking it one game at a time and not looking ahead.

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    Normally, I'd agree this is too small a sample size to make big claims about this team.

    But this team feels tangibly different. There is not only a noticeable talent difference, but a swagger and confidence that the best teams always have. If you believe in the "it" factor, this team has it unlike most the past 20 years of Cowboys teams.

    Plus look at who we've played: a bad missed OPI call away from beating the champs at their place, a very good Chargers team on the road, a beat down of our biggest division rival and an undefeated NFC team.

    This team is legit... and it's getting a lot of talent back soon in Lawrence, Collins, Gallup, Neal and Gallimore.
  9. lqmac1

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    As expected. If we were 1-3 you would see posts about players we need to release, rebuilding, Jerry this Jerry that blah blah blah. Just enjoy it
  10. ActualCowboysFan

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    You called 1-3 after the Bucs game.
  11. DallasEast

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    I don't know.

    I mean there were month-after-month of threads and posts made during the offseason about the team automatically not faring well this season. Kinda made 2021 look like a flat-line on an EKG before it even started. It is somewhat nice seeing 3-1 cause a momentary *blip* on the machine. It certainly is preferable than coming here day-after-day, continually grabbing the defibrillator paddles and yelling "CLEAR!"
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    I agree it's only been four games.

    But after four games in 2020 we knew what kind of season it was going to be. Nobody is getting the same vibes in 2021. In fact this team is going to be even better (in theory) once Gallimore, Gallup, and Collins come back (though I think Steele just might stay at right tackle).
  13. Jarntt

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    And if we lose to the Giants next week it will be cut everyone and fire all of the stupid coaches!!!
  14. mrmojo

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    Well you know already it will be if we get there " Were only in the Super Bowl guys...lets tap the breaks"
  15. dacoming

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    Correct! Fans don't need to follow that logic, the players and coaches do
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  16. terra

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    And conversely all the delusional fans who have been wrong year after year have no right to crow either.
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    Ah, okay, thanks. If y'all ever need a grammar-corrector 'round these parts, I can assist. Full-time job I know. Lol.
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    And after just one game you seen threads of “fire this guy, bench that guy, this guy sucks and that guy should be starting” and so on and so on. Slow down or speed up? I’m so confused!
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  19. Clove

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    It's the young guys, let them have their fun while us older folks sit back and wait.
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    After last season I’ll prematurely celebrate if I want to!!

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