News: ITS: Todd McShay's Mock Draft 4.0: Cowboys Select CB Jaycee Horn, DT Christian Barmore

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Reality, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Avery

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    I have a hard time understanding why Sewell would slip into the teens. He's as squeaky-clean a OL prospect as I've seen in years.

    Barmore in the second? Yes please. Don't see it happening, but would be a steal.
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  2. MarkP88

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    I don't see Barmore lasting till our 2nd round pick, but if it happened and we picked him, that'd be awesome.

    However, if we took Horn in the first with Sewell on the board, I might travel to Dallas and smack someone in the head.
  3. aria

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    Huh, I’ve seen quite a few pro Sewell and Slater remarks.

    I really don’t see how they can screw this up amongst most fans.
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  4. ColoradoCowboy

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  5. gimmesix

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    Right. This has us maybe reaching slightly for Horn, but having Barmore fall to us. I could live with that.

    Not that I won't be a little down about the higher-rated players we passed on in the first. We're badly in need of a corner and disruptive DT.
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  6. lwehlers

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    a talented defensive tackle like barmore i just cannot see lasting into the second round.
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  7. The Realist

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    He thinks Barmore is gonna be around at 44?
  8. RamziD

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    Not nearly as sold on Horn as some
  9. blindzebra

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    He has a taking the 3rd-4th best corner with the top 2 OL and the best LB still on the board. No thanks.
  10. AsthmaField

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    I’m not nearly the Barmore fan as a lot of people are. Not much about him really stands out to me. There are other DT’s that I like over him, but I could be wrong.

    Now the Horn pick, I really like. He is a very good player and I love his attitude and aggression. Would just have to reign in his grabbing some.
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  11. Jfconrow

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    The CB and DT are good, I just wish for a few players who could transform the team into a consistent Super Bowl contender. I don’t know if Horn is a Deion Sanders or Darelle Revis type of dude.

    If they have to build one piece at a time I guess I’m ok with that, but if they could get a superstar (some kind of Polamalu safety, Tedy Bruski lb, Larry Allen ol), that’s what I’m looking for someone to give the team a new identity. I would like an OL in the first couple picks to protect Dak and help with the run game. I know the defense sucked last year but they lost Dak and the OL is shaky...I don’t like shaky OLs that’s not getting them to the Super Bowl.

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