Jason Hatcher Rips Romo and Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by robjay04, Mar 12, 2019.

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    “Romo didn't have the it factor to make people around him better. I think when I was there he thought he was bigger than the team. It was like Romo and then the team. Like nobody in the locker room is really going to respect you like that. I really don't respect him as a player based on what he did to the team where a lot of people didn't see.”

    "He was a great player and got all the numbers and stuff but I'll take Dak over Romo any day because Dak has the ability to make people around him better. You'll run through a wall for Dak but Romo, hell no."

    When asked to clarify his remark about making people better, Hatcher went on to criticize Romo even more.

    "Romo was feeling like he was a Brett Favre and I'm like 'dude, you ain't do nothing. What have you done? You got your own space that you leave ... don't come in the locker room an interact with your teammates, but you call yourself a leader? Nah, partner. It don't work like that.'

    Hatcher was asked about what happened around the time the Cowboys fired Phillips and if the team quit on him?

    "Let me tell you something. I'm going to tell you the truth. I saw Jason Garrett sabotage this man."

    When asked if Hatcher believed that he said, "absolutely."

    "We ran three plays three freakin plays (before Wade was fired). I don't care what the media say. We was flying around. We was out of pads in week 7 (in 2009). We was beating people's heads in. Now we go into camp cupcake (in 2010) and do what Wade don't want to do. We get in pads, we beat each other down. We tired, we not fresh. And then you go and call three or four plays (Garrett on offense) till this man gets fired."
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    I don’t know how much I believe about Romo. I mean his feelings about Romo are probably a matter of perspective and don’t go for everybody on the team.

    The stuff about Garrett sabotaging Wade? Duhhhhh
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    Lmao romo made alot of WRs have careers. What a clown
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    Stopped reading after first sentence

    Patrick Crayton
    Miles Austin
    Laurent Robinson
    Jesse Holley

    Say otherwise
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    But idigit said Garrett didnt sabotage Phillips and there was no proof he did..amazing
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    Stats dont matter according to you.
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    This will get interesting
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    Welp about what I expected to hear on Garrett.
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    I laughed at that part about Dak making other players better but Romo didn’t as well.
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    A guy whose last season was before Dak was drafted says Dak makes his teammates better... when Dak may be the preeminent example in the NFL of a player propped up by his teammates. Sounds brilliant.
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    His comments on Romo are hilarious. And to say Dak makes players around him better than Romo did makes me wonder if they should check him for CTE.
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    Well we already know the truth about Garrett, but considering all the things Romo has done off the field, even when it's not covered by ESPN, and things he's said on the field while he's lying down with a broken collarbone, and considering every receiver that's played with him has had their best years I would think that Hatcher has some other beef with Romo or is looking for some attention because in another interview when Hatcher was on his last year on team he expressed frustration with the entire offense and coaching, but did go on to say Romo was the best QB in the league.
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    No matter the topic I couldn’t care less what he has to say.
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    Been saying that for years but was called crazy and 'not a fan'. This guy was on the damn team. Is he crazy too?
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    Stopped caring about anything "Jason Hatcher" the moment he left the Cowboys.
  18. Direwolf63

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    Romo made Robinson and Austin a ton of money
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    Who has Dak made better? I’ll wait.

    Who has Romo made better? See @WillieBeamen post up there.

    Nuff said.
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    Well so here's the dilemma I'm sure for pro-Romo guys here. They hate Garrett so they agree with Hatcher about Garrett sabotaging Wade....but hate Dak and love Romo so much that they will call him a liar about his remarks on Romo.

    Finally someone far enough from the organization to tell he truth about the situation that's not TO.

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