Jaworski ranks romo 15th,where do you zoners rank him?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Hey gang :) didnt see this posted

    Here's how I see it:
    1. Rodgers
    2. Brady
    3. Peyton
    4. Brees
    5. Eli
    6. Flacco
    7. Roethlisberger
    8. Luck
    9. Russell Wilson
    10. Matt Ryan
    11. Romo

    I'm still a romo fan bc I see the degree of difficulty is through the roof. Some of the guys jaws has above him only have to make one read and that guy is wide open. With romo his backs always against the wall and the circumstances are always dire. It's a high wire act playing qb for this team right now and if he plays poorly In one game out of the final 8 must-win games I don't see how that's an indictment.
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  2. Ultimategamer5567

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    I have Romo in my top 10 because when he has time to set his feet and throw, he's about as good as it gets. He definitely underachieved last year and I know he can play better. #1 goal in Training Camp should be to get the best starting five OL ready for the Giants so he can get in his comfort zone more often.
  3. Teague31

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    Where do I rank jaws? Somewhere in the neighborhood of terrible.
  4. DBOY3141

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  5. Pessimist_cowboy

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    15 is crazy . Romo is consistent . Year in and year out .

    1. P manning
    2. Rodgers
    4. Brady
    5. Ryan
  6. superpunk

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  7. Nav22

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    Why exactly does Eli deserve to be ranked as the 5th best QB in football?

    Oh, right. Because some people still have trouble grasping the elementary concept that football is a team sport.
  8. superpunk

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    Tough to argue with two rings, especially when he really really carried his team to the last one.
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  9. DFWJC

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    • I see the regular top 4 ahead of him
    • Then another 3 that have SB wins. Though I'm not sure any are clearly better, they have the skins and were not carried in the playoffs to get those skins. So give them props, imo.
    • Then maybe 1-2 others that are in his range (Ryan, for example)

    So at least until the rookies put a couple of strong years together--I think Luck will be great someday--I put him in the 6-10 range.

    In a league that has unsurpassed depth of talent at QB, even being in the top half of the starters is good enough to get it done, imo. Top 10 is easily good enough
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  10. Gemini Dolly

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    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    This would be my top 10, as of right now:

    1. Rodgers
    2. Brady
    3. Brees
    4. Payton
    5. Ruthlessraper
    6. Eli
    7. Mattie Ice
    8. Tony
    9. Matt Stafford
    10. Joe Flacco

    Now, having said this, 7 thru 10 are certainly debatable and I could see anybody moving up or down in that area. In addition, QBs like Cutler, Rivers, Hasselbeck, Schuab, Alex Smith that could all be in that top 10 group with just a little luck or overall team improvement. You got young QBs like Dalton, Kaepernick and Bradford that are right on the cusp of having a breakout season and then you got the young guns like Wilson, Tannehill, Luck, Griffin, and Newton who are all poised to step in and become that upper echelon QB with just a little luck and some more experience.

    I still think Romo is in the top 10 but there are a lot of younger QBs or contemporaries that are easily in position to replace him in that top 10 IMO.
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  12. Zimmy Lives

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    This is where I see Romo.

    He is not better than Brees, Brady, Rodgers or Manning (Peyton) but I do think he falls into that cluster that rounds out the bottom six in the top ten.
  13. Zimmy Lives

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    I like this! :D
  14. TheFinisher

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    Based on who I would want for my team today

    1. Rodgers
    2. Brady
    3. Peyton
    4. Brees
    5. Eli
    6. Flacco
    7. Ben
    8. Ryan
    9. Luck
    10. Griffin
    11. Kaepernick
    12. Newton
    13. Romo
    14. Wilson
    15. Stafford
    16. Cutler
    17. Dalton
    18. Schaub
    19. Rivers
    20. Palmer
  15. PA Cowboy Fan

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    2-P. Manning
    5-Big Ben
    6-E. Manning

    I couldn't put any of the rookies up there after one year. I need to see more of them.
  16. Section446

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    Somewhere between 10-15 is about right for Romo, too inconsistent to be any higher.
  17. Sarge

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    Super Bowl victory or not - I cannot buy the fact the Flacco is rated higher than Romo and I am not the biggest Romo fan in the group. He's simply better than Flacco and frankly, it's not even close.
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  18. Ren

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    Based on last season 15 is about where i would rank him as well, easily top 10 if not for his brain fart games
  19. gimmesix

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    He played on special teams against San Francisco? I don't remember that.
  20. Sarge

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    Probably a good point - I was thinking more in general terms than just last year.
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