Jaworski ranks romo 15th,where do you zoners rank him?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Jul 9, 2013.

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    I believe Romo should be #5 by pure talent and statistics. Realistically he probably should be behind Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan, so I can see him at #7.

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    All super bowl winners did so with a little bit of luck on their side. That's actually one of Eli's defining games IMO. He took an incredible beating that day, was sacked six times and hit much more. In your rush to discredit his overtime performance you're also ignoring that he hit Manningham for a 17 yard TD on 3rd and 15 to take the lead in the 4th before his defense gave it up on the very next drive.
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    Not disgreeing on your Manning take. But I did have this observation: you seem like a HUGE fan of his.
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    1. Brady
    2a. Peyton
    2b. Rodgers
    4. Brees
    5. Roethlissberger
    6. Eli
    7. Ryan
    8. Flacco
    9. Romo
    10. Newton
    The 3 young guys.

    I'm on the edge with Flacco being over Romo. It could go either way, really. I do want to stress that it's not reactionary to his recent super bowl win, though. It has more to do with his arm strength.
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    Romo has had really one good year..2007 and he blew that, too. Yes they won the division in '09 and he finally put together a winning December month and beat an imploded Iggles team with McNabb at the end of his career, but that's about it.

    Romo has done it with Smoke and Mirrors and the rest of the NFL has a thick book on him and they pull it out weekly to stuff him and the Cowboys. Everybody knows that if you just give Romo enough pressure and enough time, he'll crash by himself.

    It's his legacy. Sorry. Just take a good look. Start with the fumbled snap for the winning FG against Seattle his first year in the playoffs.

    I just see Romo now like a Drew Bledsoe who has the talent but always makes the wrong play at the wrong time. So we wait for Romo's clock to wind down next year and move on with a new HC

    Yep, Drew Bledsoe. The guy Romo replaced. Now plays just like Bledsoe did. And we all hated that.
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    Right, I think it's based on last year. You are going to see guys like Wilson, Ryan, RG3, Luck, etc ranked higher than him which will push him in the 15 or so range.
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    Hard to place a guy 15 when he consistanly ranks stat wise in the top 5, and second all time behind only Rogers

    Jaws won what? he's a bitter old Eagles player..nuff said

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    I didn't say he played poorly anywhere, did I? But I sure wouldn't say he carried the team.

    Eli had his best season that year and actually deserved some of the credit he received. But unless I'm remembering incorrectly, the Giants could have just as easily have missed the Super Bowl and even the playoffs if not for their defense, special teams and running game coming through when needed. I mean, it took a safety by Jason Pierre-Paul, a blocked game-tying field goal and 102 yards and 2 TDs rushing by Brandon Jacobs for them to get by us to make the playoffs.
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    Short bus alert
    One good year?
    What planet have you been living on?
    Maybe look into 2011?
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    In light of that fact - I can't really argue against putting him at 15. The numbers are the numbers. I think that changes this year - at least it damn well better.
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    A lot of times people go with the QB who is playing well on the better teams, rather than the QB who is playing better.
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    That's very true.
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    He was getting 3.5 ypc and his receivers were dropping balls all over the field. If Romo put that sort of performance up in a playoff game we'd saint him on the spot.
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    Giants scored 17 measly points against possibly the best offense EVER in the 2007 Patriots. But that 17 points was enough to win, thanks to the Giants D.

    And the Giants D was back at it in 2011, making Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady all look somewhere between mediocre and horrendous. They also benefitted from an absurd luck streak during that playoff stretch in which their team recovered something like 90% of all possible fumble recoveries over this stretch. They recovered 2 punt return fumbles in San Francisco and Eli had 2 passes thrown so terribly that TWO 49ers defenders had chances at the INT each time... only both times, incredibly, the defenders collided with each other to knock the ball free!

    Give Eli his share of the credit. He was on the team and obviously plays a large role. But to actually rank him FAR HIGHER than the numbers indicate because of his TEAM'S success is patently absurd. This doesn't happen with any other position in football, and there's never been a good reason why it happens with QBs. NOBODY wins on their own. This is the ultimate team sport and QBs SPEND MORE THAN 50% OF THE GAME ON THE BENCH!

    If Eli's dealing with a mediocre D in 2007 or 2011, he is ringless and nobody in their right minds would put him in the Top 10. Pretending he's the 5th best QB in football because of the Super Bowl wins is an insult to your own intelligence. You really should know better.
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    blah blah blah 2 rings, 25+Tds each of the past 4 seasons, two SB MVPs, won in 2011 despite playing with one of the worst defenses in the NFL and with the worst run game in the NFL.

    If you still want to poo poo him after that be my guest but don't expect anyone to take you seriously. I really dont give a hoot if you rank him top 5 or top banana but he's one of the league's best. Get over it.
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    I would rank romo somewhere between 8-12 right now. He is a much better athlete and passer than some ranked above him - maybe top 5 - but IMO he needs to make some better decissions as a QB. I am hoping that will change with some better blocking and a better defense - its been said by some posters that perhaps he pushes to hard at times because the defense yields too many points and he has to try to score every drive.

    I would give him a huge boost in ranking if he would just throw the ball away once in a while.
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    I understand what you are saying. I've been a fan since 1965..I've seen every QB in Dallas play.

    When I look at Romo thru 6 years..he's just very underwhelming. Statistics don't mean a thing to me. Having been a fan that long, Championships, Divisional Championships and playoff appearances and stats in those situations are what matters.

    And Romo doesn't have them. Staubach and Aikman were light years ahead in their first 6 seasons than Romo. And Romo came in under Parcells who had just taken over and took the team right to a Division Championship with Quincy Carter as QB.

    Romo has only been able to post one playoff win over the same time.

    Look, our standards are different..no problem. I still stand by what I said. It's not based on a Romo-Hater mentality. I liked him just like everybody did in the beginning. But it's just not working out. Rag on him..not me.

    I'm not his apologist. He reminds me of Don Meredith, too. Very popular guy. Could play lites out during the season but he tensed up once playoffs came.

    He finally left when Staubach showed up as a rookie even when he was still in the Navy. Meredith could see Staubach was coming and the Cowboys wanted him. Even when Craig Morton was still around to play. Morton was gone soon enough, too.

    I see Romo the same way. On his way out, playing out the string right now and Dallas along for the ride.

    That's all.
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    lol.. yes, I hope that changes too. I have to admit though, I am very impressed with the rookies/second year players.. ie. Luck, RG3, Wilson, Kaepernick. I don't see one of these guys falling off of what they did last year. Tony seems to be real focused this year.. heck he even cut out the offseason golf. I know we are going to get the best Tony possible. I have personally given up on him after seeing the same mistakes year after year but I could be wrong. You may be able to teach an old dog new tricks or he may be able to correct his issues(Not taking sacks when he should, not throwing the ball away, hiking the ball with no time left of the clock, throwing off his back foot, etc. Either way, I know we will get his best this year after signing that massive contract.
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