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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by dckid, Jan 23, 2019.

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    You know... I remember back to the SB season in 1992 played at the same Rose Bowl vs the Bills.
    The Cowboys had trouble in the first quarter with footing and Jimmy had the players change cleats in the game. That man was prepared for everything. A coach beyond his time in the league. That 5 year run was pure genius and magical. He had the league in the palm of his hand.
    Jerry in 2019 after losing a playoff game is saying the cleats were not correct. If your coaches realize this in the middle of a game.. talk to the equipment staff and get if rectified. WTH is going on?? Seriously how is this even acceptable?

    For those who doubt my claim please go watch that SB on you tube, where Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy are talking about this. I was in 11th grade.. I remember this like it was yesterday!!!!!
  2. Tabascocat

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    Late to the party eh? :lmao:
  3. dckid

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    Lol.. I apologize for posting this today, but reading a cleat meme in another thread made me post this. Sorry if the SB reference is re-hashed.
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    I remember my old coach wouldn’t allow us to wear underwear under our uniform because we weren’t fast enough with them on
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    I think your old coach may be under investigation now.
  6. LocimusPrime

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    Eeeeeeeeew. :muttley::facepalm::omg:
  7. visionary

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    On another note

    I'd like to de-cleat Jerry
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  8. 3rd_n_inches

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    Hindsight 20/20 was the smile on his face a little crooked when telling y’all that?
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  10. CPanther95

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    Who could have anticipated that footwear was important for football?
  11. LoneStar84

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    Did you play defense at Penn State?
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  12. Zekeats

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    That's the Clapper and his Uncle and son. Always a step behind. Next time they will be prepared but unfortunately it will be for a meaningless game.
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  13. Little Jr

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    Your point still stands but the rose bowl and the colosseum aren't the same stadium.
  14. tyke1doe

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    I actually did go back to watch the 1st quarter of that SB. Yes, they did change cleats. I forgot about that. It also brought back a bad memory, that crap call on Larry Brown basically giving the Bills new life inside the 5 which led to a TD. That's why I never get too bent out of shape on non calls, only calls that shouldn't have been made.

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