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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye19, Dec 8, 2018.

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    I recommend checking out his interview yesterday on the Fan 105.3. Really good stuff.

    I have been critical of him over the years— and will certainly not agree with every decision he makes— but I heard some things from him yesterday that honestly deepend my respect for him as a man.

    He talks about Garrett and LVE quite a bit— which was interesting— but I particularly loved his response when asked about his relationship with Randy Gregory. JJ basically says that what he loves about his work is all the relationships he has developed with people over the years. Very clear reminder to me of why so many in the organization love him despite the criticism he gets year in and year out.
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    I said the same thing to myself yesterday while listening to him
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  5. Hawkeye0202

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    You can put a ton of ex-players on that list also.......strangely you don't sense that same passion from Stephen.
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    I think Gregory is going to have a big game. He wants to atone for than punt play. He does the sack strip fumble trifecta on the Wentz guy.

    Always liked that about Jerry, he does care for his players, coaches, and employees.
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  8. Diehardblues

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    And one of the top reasons why wearing the owners and GM hat is a deterrent and conflict of interest to Cowboys Football.
  9. TheHerd

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    JJ has his deficiencies as a football GM, but he's a genuine person who really loves to help the underdog and the long shot. Those two facts make actually be related!
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  11. Hawkeye19

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    Fair point... not a perfect operation by any account lol
  12. Hawkeye19

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    SJ definitely comes off more cold and calculating than JJ
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  13. Hawkeye19

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  14. Kaiser

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    You have to take the good with the bad with people and a lot of fans forget that it includes Jerry when you do. If you read the stories about Michael Gallup, Jerry flew him to his family immediately and back and forth to his brother's funeral on his private jet.

    Most teams would pay lip service and the player would be on a commercial flight on his own dime. Jerry gave him his plane for a week, and its so standard from Jerry that no one commented on it here. Take the good with the bad, Dallas Fandom.
  15. Redball Express

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    Our owner is our father figure.

    Most of us always thought our fathers were clunky and out of touch.

    Of course..

    years later we look in the mirror..

    and there stands our father..

    and his father.

    Jerrah means well

    He has taken a fading team and made them relevent again..

    new stadiums..

    new practice facilities .

    income deals.

    His ownership has been a rollercoaster.

    Looking for a happy ending for a change.
  16. risco

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    Yeah- I agree with you and always have. You see; Jerry wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He came up the hard way; therefore, he has a genuine respect for people. He knows what tough times are about. He's a good man in my book.
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  17. CCBoy

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    Does he or does he not fully attempt to support players on his team? There is a line of distinction careful.
  18. CouchCoach

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    If I gave all y'all millions of dollars, you'd love ole CC long time too.

    Booger has always had a big heart, which is why the Salvation Army is his choice for the team's charity, they specialize in saving souls down on their luck. people in need of second chances.

    And I have never really hammered his GMing because he owns it, he can do what he wants with it and most of us would do the same. I have also taken exception with people blaming him for all the mistakes and then giving credit to someone else when something good happens. Blame and credit equally, if one or the other is applied.

    He is an annoying and irritating person to look at or listen to and his constant spotlight seeking is pathetic. There is no reason to be the face and spokesperson of the team except for a needy ego. Not even Steinbrenner or Crazy Al took it as far as he has.

    When I liked Booger the best was when those strippers showed up in the news and he was laying low. That one scene when he walked right past his own car when he was fumbling for answers is my favorite memory of him.
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  19. Rogerthat12

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  20. Little Jr

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    JJ has own the team for almost 30 years now and these things have been reported on and talked about. I've never heard a fan complain about JJ being a bad person or a POS. They/we complain about how he runs the origination. We all knew he was a good person and overall human being and did a lot for his players, again, this isn't the first time it's been reported or talked about.

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