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Jets loss: a necessary Evil?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jkyle, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Jkyle

    Jkyle Well-Known Member

    359 Messages
    946 Likes Received
    I know it sucks and may prove crucial playoff wise but I wonder if losing that game gave the necessary wake up call to get them focused.
    They came out super focused and aggressive the next week against the Eagles.
    If they beat the Jets, maybe they would have been a little too full of themselves and not as dominant against the Eagles?
    Who knows, but the team has been playing better since that game.
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  2. romonumberone

    romonumberone Well-Known Member

    297 Messages
    381 Likes Received
    The Jets loss is going to cost the Cowboys any chance of having a #1 or #2 seed. Dallas will instead go 10-6 and lose to the Hawks in the opening round.
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  3. ksadler1

    ksadler1 Well-Known Member

    3,403 Messages
    4,540 Likes Received
    They overlooked the Jets and our last 2 wins we're against the weakest division in the NFL. But it's another moral victory l guess...
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  4. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

    5,345 Messages
    8,678 Likes Received
    Under Garrett this team has to be publicly humiliated in order for them to understand that they have to play hard all 4 quarters of a game

    theres no way around it
  5. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    19,628 Messages
    34,540 Likes Received
    It's amazing to me that a coaching staff playing for their jobs and a roster full of players playing for new deals needed an embarrassing loss to wake up.

    Niners also have had an easy early schedule, why didn't they need a loss to propel them?
  6. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

    5,930 Messages
    6,227 Likes Received
    Losses happen. We just need another win today to keep the hats loss as a weird blip on the schedule.
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  7. Kaiser

    Kaiser Zone Supporter

    14,921 Messages
    25,116 Likes Received
    No, its because our idiot coaches decided to get all of our OTs, WRs and CBs hurt for that game. Can you believe those guys?
    Jstopper likes this.
  8. simplycowboys210

    simplycowboys210 Well-Known Member

    294 Messages
    467 Likes Received
    All I know is we need to root the Giants on to beat the Jets today. Because I want them to be motivated to upset the eagles twice at the end of the season.
  9. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

    17,905 Messages
    20,576 Likes Received
    did we talk this much about the win over philly?

    im so damn sick of hearing about this jets loss....yes it sucked....but it hasn't defined our season and every goal is still in front of this team.
    :flagwave:BEAT minnesota.:flagwave:

  10. AmariChill

    AmariChill Well-Known Member

    4,358 Messages
    8,070 Likes Received
    If your team needs a necessary evil to succeed, your team has significant flaws.
  11. Verdict

    Verdict Well-Known Member

    21,109 Messages
    14,706 Likes Received
    You need to be betting the games and keep a gun and one bullet handy for just in case you miss one of your predictions. I kid. I kid.
    rocyaice likes this.
  12. GenoT

    GenoT Well-Known Member

    4,629 Messages
    7,885 Likes Received
    Not gonna root for a div rival.

    Also, I met Sam Darnold when he played for San Clemente High (SoCal). A friend’s son played OT on the team, and I met Sam after a game. Seemed like a good kid, so I wanna see him do well — just not against the Cowboys. :confused::eek:;):rolleyes:

    Edit: Jets win!
  13. NorTex

    NorTex Well-Known Member

    1,290 Messages
    364 Likes Received
    Injuries happen. They can ruin a game and/or a season. We saw that a lot in the Romo injury years. It's one of the most frustrating things us fans deal with.
  14. Shunpike

    Shunpike Well-Known Member

    1,939 Messages
    2,629 Likes Received
    Well, Giants lost to Jets as well. I might as well shut the TV down until the Cowboys game. Ugh, Jets. How could both Cowboys and Giants lose this terrible team :(
  15. nalam

    nalam The realist

    4,796 Messages
    1,926 Likes Received
    Hawks we matchup good. Its Greenbay we dont , especially play offs.
  16. Beaker42

    Beaker42 Well-Known Member

    4,201 Messages
    3,627 Likes Received
    Should not have needed it. JG is a horrible motivator.
  17. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

    5,345 Messages
    8,678 Likes Received
    If we play GB in the playoffs the first second and third play one of our players should fake an injury
  18. Jstopper

    Jstopper Well-Known Member

    3,794 Messages
    5,386 Likes Received
    this makes 0 sense. So if we had won that 1 game you would project us to be 11-5 instead of 10-6. That record is not getting you the #1 or #2 seed either
  19. zerofill

    zerofill Well-Known Member

    2,936 Messages
    4,661 Likes Received
    Losing to the Jets, gets more embarrassing every week.
  20. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    16,069 Messages
    14,790 Likes Received
    This guy has spoken. I guess they might as well stop playing.

    Man, who hurt you? Root for your team. The Seahawks aren't better than this team by any large margin in any way. The Cowboys can't absolutely beat them. I hope they do now, just so we can reference this and call pur your limp dick prognostications.

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