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Jimmy Johnson was HC from 89-93 , Garrett has been here 10 years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bob-Lillys-War, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Bob-Lillys-War

    Bob-Lillys-War Well-Known Member

    4,278 Messages
    4,573 Likes Received
    The 1989 Cowboys went 1–15.
    Johnson, however, did not take long to develop the Cowboys into a championship-quality team.

    Johnson had an ability to find talent in the draft, make savvy trades (namely, the trade of Herschel Walker, which yielded six high draft picks and a number of players from the Minnesota Vikings), and by signing quality players as free agents in the age before the NFL had imposed a salary cap, such as Jay Novacek.

    On the other hand, Jason Garrett has been here 10 years, with 8 years as HC and that has resulted in :

    2 playoff berths ! in 8 years as HC !
  2. Proximo

    Proximo Well-Known Member

    3,956 Messages
    7,331 Likes Received
    Well, this is some new and exciting information.
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  3. Bob-Lillys-War

    Bob-Lillys-War Well-Known Member

    4,278 Messages
    4,573 Likes Received
    Senility needs some reminding .
  4. Ranching

    Ranching Well-Known Member

    16,627 Messages
    42,689 Likes Received
    Jimmy also had a sack and could think for himself. Garrett has been neutered by Jerry.
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  5. America's Cowboy

    America's Cowboy Well-Known Member

    2,656 Messages
    3,739 Likes Received
    Jimmy didn't have a salary cap to deal with when he was in Dallas. Funny how Jimmy didn't do squat when he left to the Dolphins and a salary cap was in effect.
  6. Tangle_Foot

    Tangle_Foot Well-Known Member

    1,729 Messages
    5,770 Likes Received
    Books are on sale now

    A Decade of Disaster

    The Jason Garrett story
  7. Beast_from_East

    Beast_from_East Well-Known Member

    23,014 Messages
    15,496 Likes Received
  8. plasticman

    plasticman Well-Known Member

    2,343 Messages
    4,140 Likes Received
    Garrett has a limited role in acquiring talent and even hiring his staff. Furthermore, Jimmy Johnson did not have to deal with a salary cap and the current free agent system.

    Jimmy built that team. The current team is a "group" effort.

    Jason should go if the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs but any comparison to Jimmy's circumstances would be blatantly unfair.
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  9. unionjack8

    unionjack8 Well-Known Member

    8,927 Messages
    7,269 Likes Received
    nobody else had a cap to deal with either. level playing field.
  10. DallasCowboys2080

    DallasCowboys2080 Well-Known Member

    2,648 Messages
    2,480 Likes Received
    Jimmy also came in straight from being a coach in college so he had close connections to the players they would be recruiting....which was part of the reason cowboys at that time were so successful. And yes Garrett needs to go like yesterday.
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  11. Idgit

    Idgit Riding the Red Rocket Staff Member

    53,476 Messages
    49,634 Likes Received
    Let’s trade Elliott for a dozen picks or so and see what happens.
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  12. Batman1980

    Batman1980 Well-Known Member

    3,554 Messages
    4,983 Likes Received
    I would love to trade Elliott for a ransom!
  13. pansophy

    pansophy Well-Known Member

    1,182 Messages
    1,032 Likes Received
    How did Jimmy do in Miami?
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  14. Cowboysheelsreds053

    Cowboysheelsreds053 Well-Known Member

    3,333 Messages
    2,231 Likes Received
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  15. Mr_C

    Mr_C Carharris2

    7,528 Messages
    7,257 Likes Received
    You are totally taking for granted all of the cool and inspiring slogans we’ve learned that even come printed on t-shirts.

    Now think again and Imagine your fan life without that!!

    Fight was one of my favorites!! Not too far behind was(I think) fight again? Or fight more?. Well, they’re too many good ones to list them all, but it goes on and on and on...
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  16. RodeoJake

    RodeoJake Well-Known Member

    1,052 Messages
    1,681 Likes Received
    I'm not saying Garrett is a good coach or Johnson a bad one, but Mike Lynn had a lot to do our 90s dynasty. That was an insane trade. Still, it took a good football mind to take advantage of it.
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  17. Bob-Lillys-War

    Bob-Lillys-War Well-Known Member

    4,278 Messages
    4,573 Likes Received
    I would be all for it , if we had a mind that could make the most of it ... but we have Kellen Moore's mind for a 'good' input <sigh>

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  18. nightrain

    nightrain Since 1971 Zone Supporter

    2,305 Messages
    3,520 Likes Received
    It's very easy to look at an NFL franchise and determine how successful they are as a competitive football team. Garrett and his Cowboys teams have not been very good. The one playoff game they won was not without controversy and they are far from perennial contenders. Two playoff appearances in 10 years (counting 2010 and 2018) would get most HCs fired.

    It's unnecessary to compare Garrett to other HCs. He is a failure and needs to be terminated.
  19. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

    15,782 Messages
    29,005 Likes Received
    Made the playoffs 3 out of 4 years. Looks like Lombardi compared to JG. 2 playoffs in 9 years.
  20. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    37,507 Messages
    33,288 Likes Received
    I'm ready for Garrett to be replaced; HOWEVER, comparing any coach against Jimmy is generally going to make the other coach look bad.

    Jimmy 5 years, 2 Super Bowl wins.

    Landry 29 years, 2 Super Bowl wins.

    Belichick first 5 years as Head Coach, 36-44 win-loss record.
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